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Jungle Fever

Wesley Snipes, Annabella Sciorra, Halle Berry, Samuel L. Jackson, Anthony Quinn, Spike Lee, Ruby Dee, Ossie Davis, Queen Latifah, Michael Imperioli
Marion Barry | cocaine | crack cocaine | heroin | methadone
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Architect Flipper tells his daughter Ming, "Psych." (0:07)

Flipper’s new temporary secretary Angie asks her father and brothers, "Are you three grown men crippled?" (0:13)

His wife Vera asks Flipper’s teacher friend Cyrus, "Yeah, well, did you remember to pick up that prescription?" (0:16)

His retail buyer wife Drew tells Flipper, "They'd be crazy not to do this."
”Totally crazy.” (0:17)

Her shopkeeper suitor Paulie tells Angie, "With all due respect, your two brothers are retarded... Jimmy and Charlie are definitely retarded."
”Lucky for you that retardation isn't hereditary.”
”You could be retarded. I could be going with a retarded girl...” (0:20)

Flipper’s older brother Gator tells their mother Lucinda, "I'm straight. I'm clean. You don't have to worry about me anymore." (0:22)

His firm’s partner Jerry tells Flipper, "Your ego’s out of control."
”Ego, ego, ego.” (0:42)

Flipper asks Cyrus, "Man, are you on crack or something? You're crazy." (0:44)

Angie's friend asks her other friend Denise, "What the... you talking about that Puerto Rican crackhead for?" (0:47)

Gator tells Flipper, "Either way, I'm going to get high." (0:51)

Her friend Nilda tells Drew, referring to white men, "Most of them are drug addicts..."
Another friend: ”They freak.” (0:58)

Drew tells Flipper, "What I mean is you've got a complex about color..."
Flipper: ”That's insane. That's insane.” (1:06)

His father Lou tells Paulie, referring to Paulie's mother, "She didn't talk to me for almost two years." (1:13)

Her raging father beats Angie.
”I'd rather stab myself in the heart with a knife...” (1:14)

Paulie’s customer Sonny tells Frankie, "That's 16 years, you moron."
Customer: ”Look at Marion Barry smoking crack in his hotel room with his girlfriend.” (1:16)

Flipper tells Ming, "If I ever see you using drugs, I'll kill you." (1:26)

Angie tells Lucinda, "Well, my mother passed away..." (1:28)

Angie asks a police patrolman, "Are you crazy?" (1:33)

Paulie tells his friend and customer Orin, "You're intelligent." (1:36)

Frankie tells customer Vinnie, "At least my brother ain't no crackhead."
Vinnie: ”Hey, Tony ain’t no crackhead, he’s on methadone.”
Frankie: ”... drug addict.”
Vinnie: ”He's a recovering heroin addict on methadone.” (1:37)

Flipper tells Lucinda, referring to Gator, "Mama, your first child is a crackhead."
Lucinda: ”He is not a crackhead.” (1:40)

Flipper walks down a street strewn with drug paraphernalia, addicts and dealers.
Dealer, referring to Gator’s location: ”It's like the Trump Towers for crackheads around here.” (1:42)

Flipper walks through a room where dozens smoke crack.
Addict: “You crazy or something?”
Gator tells Flipper, ”Look, I like getting high... I'm a junkie, a crackhead. Just tell Mama her older son is a crackhead.”
Flipper: ”If you want to go on like this, fine, do it with your crack ho.”
Gator’s girlfriend Vivian: ”Crack ho. Crack ho.”
Flipper: ”All you crackheads, I'll shoot you. Crap shoot for crackheads.”
Vivian lights a crack pipe. (1:44)

Lucinda tells Gator, "You must be out of your right mind."
His preacher father asks Gator, ”Have you lost your natural mind as well as your soul?” (2:00)

Lucinda grieves as Gator dies in her arms. (2:03)