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Morgan Freeman, Tommy Lee Jones, Rene Russo, Joe Pantoliano, Glenne Headly, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Elizabeth Ashley, George Wallace, Graham Beckel, Jane Seymour, Johnny Mathis, Mel Raido
Dr. Phil | sertraline | Zoloft
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Resort manager Duke tells his lady friend, "Marguerite, my darling, I think the Zoloft and the Lipitor are kicking in a little early on me." (0:08)

Ex FBI agent Leo tells Duke, referring to resort executive Suzie, "If she falls for a drunk Santa Claus, I've badly misjudged her character."
Duke: "Watch this, and I'm not drunk." (0:30)

Duke: "I'm not drunk, Leo..."(0:32)

Suzie tells Duke, "I don't need your pop psychology, Dr. Phil."
Duke: "... and don't knock Dr. Phil." (0:36)

Duke tells his friends, "This is crazy." (0:40)

Burt asks his friend Joey, "Does Roberta have a little Beyonce going on tonight, or am I hammered."
Joey: "Well, she does, but you are hammered." (0:51)

Suzie: "It's madness. It's all madness." (0:54)

Duke tells Leo, "Problem was, there was this crazy wife, and a crazier son..." (1:01)

Suzie tells Duke and Leo, "The last couple times corporate sent me to fix a problem, something crazy happened..." (1:06)

Duke tells Leo, "Sixth grade was traumatic."
Leo: "You need therapy." (1:09)

A man tells Duke and Leo, "Listen, some lunatic gave me $500 to torch your van..." (1:18)

Leo tells Duke, referring to Leo's wife, "She died about six years ago, and it put me off my game." (1:20)

Roberta tells Lily, "Girl, you are delusional." (1:25)