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Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele, Tiffany Haddish, Method Man, Jason Mitchell, Luis Guzmán, Nia Long, Will Forte, Darrell Britt-Gibson, Jamar Malachi Neighbors, Benedict Cumberbatch, Keanu Reeves
3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine | crack cocaine | dimethyltryptamine | marijuana | phencyclidine | Holy Shit
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Drug preparation and packaging (0:00)

A man tells two thugs, "Look at all the drugs around you, man." (0:02)

Drug paraphernalia.
Rell lights a waterpipe.
By telephone Rell’s friend Clarence asks him, ”Which Rocky?” (0:05)

Rell tells Clarence, "I'm psyched for this movie, Man." (0:12)

Rell tells Clarence, "We're going to smoke some weed." (0:12)

A police woman tells Clarence and Rell, referring to the thieves, "Usually they're after drugs or something they can sell for drugs."
Rell answers Clarence, ”My weed dealer.”
Clarence: ”You live across the way from your weed dealer?”
Drug dealer Hulka: ”This is the perfect sativa dominant hybrid strain.”
Rell: ”I'm not here for weed, man”
Marijuana grow room.
Clarence: ”Maybe it's someone that you're selling all this marijuana to.”
Hulka: ”I'm so... high right now I'm not even sure you're real.”
”You... crazy?” (0:16)

Rell tells clearance, "Hulka said, this is a crazy drug dealer named Cheddar."
”Cheddar is a psychopath name.” (0:20)

Clarence tells Cheddar, referring to Rell, "This nigga acting like he got amnesia..."
Rell: ”Crazy.” (0:27)

Cheddar shows Rell and Clarence his drug operation.
Cheddar, referring to "Holy Shit": ”What you're looking at is a cross between PCP, MDMA, and DMT... One puff of this and it's like you smoking crack with God.” (0:29)

Clarence: "I will not sell drugs. I can't sell drugs, Rell."
Rell: ”People want drugs.”
Clarence: ”I'm not jeopardizing my family by selling drugs.”
”I don't do team building for drug rings.” (0:31)

Rell tells the others, "I went to an exclusive early screening of The Blair Witch Project."
Clarence: ”Well, you know them family reunions get crazy sometimes, man.”
Gangster Trunk: ”That shit is crazy.” (0:33)

Hunka asks two intruders, the Allentown brothers, "Hey, y'all like weed?" (0:36)

Clarence tells gangster Bud, "You want to get caught, go ahead, drive a little drug car." (0:37)

Rell asks Actress Anna Faris, "Somebody order some drugs?"
Faris tells the others, referring to Holy Shit ”... this drug is insane, and the beauty is every trip is different.”
Hi-C gives her a bag of white powder. The man smokes a bong.
Woman: ”Crazy.”
She snorts powder.
Rell tells Faris, ”I loved you In The House Bunny, by the way.”
Rell asks Hi-C, ”Lost in Translation? Chipwrecked? The Squeakquel? Scary Movie?”
Faris: ”Scary Movie 1, 2, 3, and 4, not 5, too old.” (0:39)

Bud asks Clarence, "Was it crazy?"
Clearance: ”Shit was crazy. Shit was crazy.”
”That’s crazy.” (0:46)

Hi-C, referring to Faris: "Crazy bitch." (0:49)

Clarence tells Rell, "They’re drug dealers." (0:51)

Rell tells Hi-C, "Shit got crazy back there, huh?"
”I mean like the female lion in The Lion King, Nala.”
Hi-C: ”That's crazy how you knew that.” (0:52)

Rell: "Hey, Stitches, man, let me show you how we smoke weed in Allentown."
They share a joint, then Clarence lights a pipe.
Clarence has a psychedelic experience, including a conversation with Rell’s cat Keanu.
Clarence: ”The Matrix.” (0:57)

Trunk tells Clarence, "Yo, this party is crazy." (1:03)

Clarence tells Cheddar, "... Allentown niggas get cranky." (1:05)

The Allentown brothers use a volatile anesthetic to render Rell and Clarence unconscious. (1:08)

Clarence tells the brothers, "... you being crazy disrespectful right now." (1:08)

Cheddar tells Clarence and Rell, "You two morons is coming with us." (1:16)

Labels on Rell’s pictures of Keanu dressed as characters: “Mad Max: Fury Road, Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, Nightmare on Elm Street, The Matrix, Beetlejuice, New Jack City, Boogie Nights, Se7en, The Shining" (1:34)