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Key Largo

Humphrey Bogart, Edward G. Robinson, Lauren Bacall, Lionel Barrymore, Claire Trevor, Thomas Gomez
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James Temple: "My Boy George was killed in the casino." (0:10)

Hotel guest Curly tells Nora Temple, referring to guest Gaye Dawn, "She's a lush, the lady. After she bends the elbow a few times, she begins to see things..." (0:10)

Curly tells hotel guest Major Frank McCloud, referring to Gaye, "Well if she isn't drunk and crying, she's got a hangover and arguing." (0:13)

Gangster Johnny Rocco: "One thing I can't stand, it's a damn that's drunk... She got the shakes, see?"
Rocco asks Gaye, ”Why ain't you a singing star instead of a lush?” (0:53)

Curly tails Rocco, "I bet you two or three years, we get Prohibition back... I bet you two or three years Prohibition comes back..."
”... and the public, they get the idea that Prohibition’s no good,.. but if they get rid of it, Prohibition I mean,....”
”So the public votes out Prohibition. ”(1:03)

Gangster Ziggy tells Rocco, "I bet this side of two years we have Prohibition back again." (1:23)

Rocco tells Gaye, "Here, on this you can stay drunk for a month."
Gaye: ”I'll stop drinking.”
”I'll kill myself.” (1:24)

Reference in Play It Again, Sam