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The Kids Are All Right

Annette Bening, Julianne Moore, Mark Ruffalo
oxycodone | OxyContin | Valium | diazepam | marijuana | cocaine | heroin | OxyContin (reformulation)
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Young Laser and his friend Clay crush a tablet and snort the powder. Oxycontin? (0:01)

Physician Nic tells her partner, landscape architect Jules, "Remind me not to take heroin in Uganda." (0:18)

Laser tells Clay, referring to Nic and Jules, "I don't even think they smoke pot." (0:21)

Nic tells sperm donor Paul how she treated Jules' numb tongue in the emergency room, "I gave her a Valium." (0:31)

Nic tells Jules and their friends, "If I hear one more person say that they love heirloom tomatoes I'm gonna kill myself." (1:00)

Jules tells gardener Luis, "If you have a drug problem that's your business."

Luis: "I don't have a drug problem." (1:05)

Jules tells Nic, referring to Luis, "He has a drug problem."
Nic: "What drug?"
Jules: "Blow, I think." (1:12)

Jules asks Joni, "Are you drunk honey?"
Joni: "I'm not drunk."
Nic: "You seem drunk to me." (1:28)

How did triangulation operate in this family? Did the family's new homeostasis ultimately reflect improved functioning? The family appears to have achieved resolution without intervention? How many dysfunctional families have the resources for such an accomplishment? How many seek help they don't really need? How good are you at assessing their ability to resolve their own problems without psychotherapy?