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Kill Bill: Volume 1

Uma Thurman, Lucy Liu, Vivica A. Fox, Daryl Hannah, David Carradine, Michael Madsen, Julie Dreyfus, Chiaki Kuriyama, Sonny Chiba, Gordon Liu
Daryl Hannah
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Bill asks The Bride, “Do you find me sadistic?... You know, kiddo, I’d like to believe you’re aware enough, even now, to know there’s nothing sadistic in my actions... this is me at my most masochistic.” (0:01)

Sheriff tells his deputy, “Now, a kill-crazy rampage though it may be, all the colors are kept inside the lines. If you was a moron, you could almost admire it.”
”Man would have to be a mad dog to shoot a goddamn good lookin’ gal like that in the head.” (0:18)

The Bride recalls Bill saying, “At this moment this is me at my most masochistic.” She grieves the loss of her unborn baby. (0:25)

The Bride, referring to Cottonmouth, “Luckily for her, Boss Matsumoto was a pedophile.” (0:40)

Katana maker Hattori tells The Bride, “I can tell you with no ego, this is my finest sword.” (0:57)

The Bride: “When the final sword was sheathed, it was O-Ren Ishii and her powerful posse, the Crazy 88, that proved the victor... Gogo may be young, but what she lacks in age, she makes up for in madness.” (0:59)

Kill Bill: Volume 2

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