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CastAshton Kutcher, Katherine Heigl, Tom Selleck, Catherine O'Hara, Katheryn Winnick, Kevin Sussman, Lisa Ann Walter, Casey Wilson, Rob Riggle, Martin Mull
Year released2010
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Mr. Kornfeldt tells the flight attendant, "I always remain alert..."
Mrs. Kornfeldt tells Mr. Kornfeldt, referring their daughter Jen’s ex-husband, ”No, he just didn’t find her spontaneous enough.”
Jen: ”I have a thing about heights.” (0:00)

By telephone, Jen Kornfeldt tells her father, "My stomach, it’s going crazy."
Mr. Kornfeldt: ”You’re going to find someone who is good and decent and kind.” (0:09)

Spencer Aimes tells Jen, "Don’t worry..."
Jen, referring to her father: ”He is... also kind of a pervert...” (0:10)

Spencer elbows a man in the face. (0:15)

Jen tells Spencer, "I’m not spontaneous..."
Spencer: “The Russian pervert?”
Jen, referring to her father: ”He’s not... a pervert...”
Spencer: ”Thank you for being so honest...” (0:16)

Cemetery (0:21)

Spencer tells Mr. Kornfeldt, "I know you’re worried about Jen."
Mr. Kornfeldt: ”Why would I worry? I am confident that you’ll never hurt her.”
Spencer: ”She’s funny, and she’s sweet, and she’s smart... next she’s telling me that Cary Grant dropped acid” (0:23)

Spencer answers Jen, "It was your charm and your wit." (0:26)

Jen: "Our new Norton Internet security suite has SONAR behavior based protection." (0:29)

Spenser tells coworker Henry, "Yes you turned our conference room into Bambi’s nightmare."
Coworker Vivian: ”You’re worried she'll vomit.” (0:31)

Her friend Kristen tells Jen, "... you have to be vigilant..." (0:33)

Spencer tells Henry, "I’m comin’’ ya lush." (0:39)

Jen tells her friend Amanda, referring to Spencer, "... he seems kind of distracted..."
”I really am freaking out.”
Amanda tells Kristen, ”You got her all freaked out at lunch.” (0:39)

Spencer tells Jen, "No worries..." (0:42)

Fight with traumatic head injuries (0:45)

Henry tells Jen, referring to Spencer, "He’s gone crazy. It’s a psychotic break."
Spencer: ”He’s just knocked out.”
Spencer asks Jen, ”Are you gonna faint?”
Henry: ”Twenty million dollars buys a lot of patience.” (0:47)

Jen tells Spencer, "I have a right to freak out..." (0:51)

Spencer tells Jen, "... after my parents passed I didn’t have any family..." (0:55)

Spencer tells Jen, "It’s the adrenaline..." (0:59)

Spencer tells Jen, referring to her parents, "I’m sending them a mental hug..." (1:01)

Jen tells Spencer, "My emotions are all over the place..."
Spencer: ”It’s been a stressful day.”
”Well, it’s crazy to just stand out here in the aisle...”
Jen: ”... don’t you call me crazy.”
Spencer: ”I’m not calling you crazy.” (1:02)

Spencer tells Jen, "Whoever set this up was patient enough..." (1:07)

Spencer fights Vivian with traumatic head injuries (1:11)

Spencer answers Jen, "Maybe some couples counseling."
”... unless your dad is a Russian pervert.”
”You couldn’t have just been hiding tranny porn in the crawlspace...”
”What am I, Pussy Galore?” (1:17)

Fight with traumatic head injuries (1:25)

Jen punchers her neighbor in the face. (1:31)

Mr. Kornfeldt: "Don’t worry, Spencer." (1:32)

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