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The King and Four Queens

Clark Gable, Jo Van Fleet, Eleanor Parker, Sara Shane, Barbara Nichols, Jean Willes, Roy Roberts, Arthur Shields, Jay C. Flippen
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Dan helps the undertaker load a tombstone into a wagon. The undertaker tells Dan, “You know, the first stone I took over to Wagon Mound I started to cross that bridge like a idiot.” (0:03)

Ma and Dan in the church graveyard. (0:32)

Dan contemplates a gravestone. (0:56)

Widow Oralie tells Dan, referring to Ma, “She’s driving herself crazy.” (1:07)

Ma wanders into the graveyard, but fails to see Dan hiding. (1:08)

Ma tells widow Sabina, referring to Dan, “You don’t hold no grief for him, huh.” (1:09)

Ma takes Ruby to the graveyard. (1:17)

Widow Sabina tells Dan, referring to one of Ma’s sons, “The closest I ever came to marrying Boone was watching him get drunk once in Denver the night before he was killed.” (1:17)

Sabina asks Dan, “Have you gone crazy?” (1:19)