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King of Hearts

Jacques Balutin, Alan Bates, Jackie Blanchot, Robert Blome, Genevieve Bujold
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Pvt. Charles Plumpick tells one of his messenger pigeons, “You look depressed or something.” (0:09)

Sign: “ASILE D’ALIENES” (0:14)

German Lt. Hamburger tells his troops, referring to the patients, behaving childishly, “They’re all crazy.” (0:16)

A patient who has assumed the role of general, referring to Plumpick: “He’s mad.” (0:31)

Plumpick’s superior officer tells the soldiers, “... it would appear that, uh, the outcome of this whole campaign is now in the hands of a stark raving lunatic. Pvt. Pumpernickel has gone crackers.” (0:34)

Plumpick answers patient Poppy, “To lose my memory.” (0:40)

Plumpick: “This is madness (1:07)

Plumpick tells a patient, “Brother, yesterday you were in an asylum.” (1:14)

Plumpic’s superior tells the sergeant, “Any more of your drunken ravings, MacFish, and I’ll have you locked up. Be thankful I’m in a good mood.” (1:22)

His superior tells Plumpic, referring to Sgt. MacFish, “Do you think that I’d listen to anything that dipsomaniac has to say?” (1:26)