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Kingpin (1996)

Woody Harrelson, Bill Murray, Randy Quaid, Chris Elliott, Vanessa Angel
glue | marijuana
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Bowler Big Ern tells bowler Roy, "You're not gonna bowl drunk again." (0:09)

Big Ern asks Roy, "Are you crazy?"
"Drunk or sober." (0:11)

Roy tells the purse thief impersonator, "You crazy bastard." (0:22)

Ishmael tells Roy he does not drink coffee "because it's a stimulant." (0:33)

Roy tell Ishmael, "I've been liquored up for 17 years." (0:35)

Ishmael tells Roy, "Okay... but I'll lose my entire bonus check 'cause I'm so bombed."
Roy tells the bartender, referring to Ishmael, "He was sniffing glue in the parking lot." (0:41)

Man: "Hey, you crazy or something?" (0:52)

Roy tells Claudia, referring to his father, Calvert, "Got word he died about 10 years ago." (1:03)

Willy tells Claudia and Roy, referring to Ishmael, "The wimp is afraid of snakes." (1:04)

Ishmael dances in drag. (1:05)

Ishmael smokes marijuana in a bong. (1:08)

Roy tells Ishmael, "I don't remember a thing." (1:09)

Big Ern tells a reporter, "If I get drunk, and fall down, and hurt myself, I might lose." (1:11)

Roy asks a man at a bar, "Who you calling a psycho?" (1:16)

Commentator: "Roy looks a little nervous." (1:30)