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Kings and Queen

CastEmmanuelle Devos, Mathieu Amalric, Catherine Deneuve, Maurice Garrel, Nathalie Boutefeu, Jean-Paul Roussillon, Magalie Woch, Hippolyte Girardot, Noémie Lvovsky, Elsa Woliaston
Year released2004
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Art gallery manager Nora tells her classics professor father’s doctor, “My father’s always anxious on finishing a new book.” (0:10)

Psychiatric hospital attendant Prospero tells musician Ismaël: “The hospital sent us.”
”The psychiatrists sent three letters.”
Ismaël: “Why are you morons pissing me off?”
”You’re insane.”
Attendant: “We're not committing you, just taking you in for treatment.”
Ismaël: ”Treatment?”
”Save that look for the nutters in your shithole hospital.”
A noose hangs from the ceiling over a stool.
“I'm not suicidal, okay?”
”Quite frankly, I'm not that well, but I'm not suicidal.” (0:11)

Attendants restrain Ismaël on a gurney.
Doctor: “Give him a full shot of Droleptan!”
Attendant: ”He’s had two of Clopixol!”
“Half then, but a heavy dose.”
Ismaël: “I’m morphine-resistant!” (0:15)

Ismaël, restrained in bed tells his parents Monique and Abel, “Do I look mad? You think I look mad?” (0:17)

Psychiatrist Mme. Vasset examinees Ismaël: “You’re here on a TPR.”
”A Third-Party Request.” [A form of civil commitment under French law.] (0:19)

Ismaël tells Vasset, “I don't have a psychiatric disorder or that bullshit.”
Vasset: “I see you've been an analysis for 8 years.”
”Don’t play Mother Virtue... on the lookout for symptoms... I’m not mad!”
Vasset: “Maybe you aren't mad but a week's rest here will do you good.” (0:23)

In a dream Nora tells her deceased first husband Pierre, “I was so sad when you died.”
Funeral for Pierre.
”Did you grieve?” (0:32)

Nora: “My father has loved me madly.” (0:41)

Ward clerk Nadine tells Ismaël, “Just ask another patient...” (0:42)

By telephone Ismaël tells his psychoanalyst, “It’s just a psychiatric hospital.”
”Actually, the psychiatrists suggested that you could come to the hospital for my session...”
Attendant: “Your analyst will have to come here.”
Ismaël: “But my analyst refuses to move.”
Attendant: “What’s your analyst’s name?”(0:44)

His attorney Marc tells Ismaël, “But I’m panicking.”
”It’s silly, but apparently I’m here on a TPR.”
”Third Party Request”
”It’s just some nutter I borrowed money from.”
”The psychiatrist... mentioned the deputy public prosecutor.”
Marc, to himself: “The psychiatrist...” (0:46)

Patients play games in the dining hall. (0:47)

Session with psychoanalyst Dr. Devereux.
Ismaël: “Yes, the rule of free association.”
”My subconscious had made some cheap puns on an Irish poem.”
”Like patients in Freud’s books.”
Devereux: “Forget Freud’s books.” (0:48)

Marc tells Ismaël, “Brilliant, you’re legally crazy!... Get the psychiatrist on your side.”
”Okay, Your Honour, I screwed up, but I was crazy.”
”The hospital signs the committal.”
“I don’t want to be any trouble, but right now, I’m on Subutex.”
”I’d have preferred methadone.”
Ismaël: “You’re in splendid health, but try to give up drugs for awhile.”
Marc: “Sure, this Subutex... I need five doses to get trashed...”
”I’m not keen on Rohypnol.”
”Ventoline... Cortancyl... Halcion... Oh, Mellaril... Artane
Atarax.” (0:52)

Dance therapy: Ismaël break dances. (0:57)

Upset, Elias perseverates when Nora tells him she wants to take him with her. (1:00)

Ismaël flirts with a nurse in the hospital. (1:05)

Ismaël asks new patient Arielle whose wrists are bandaged, “You slit your wrists?”
Arielle: “But they’re just cries for help.”
”Are you mad?”
Ismaël: “You don’t seem very mad to me.”
Arielle: “I bombed at my talk with the psychiatrist.” (1:06)

Vasset welcomes Nora into the hospital. (1:09)

Ismaël tells Nora, “... I’m locked up here like a loony.”
Nora, referring to her fiance Jean-Jacques: “He smokes... pot... At the weekend, he snorts heroin.”
”I bet you find loads of depressive little airheads...” (1:11)

Nora faints when she sees Louis. (1:16)

Arielle smokes a roach with a clip then shares it with Ismaël. (1:16)

Arielle tells Ismaël, “Suicide, anorexia, I’ve had enough.”
Tercian is creepy. Lithium’s useless. I use to like Motival, but it’s banned now.” (1:19)

Nora tells Pierre, “You’re a narcissistic child.” (1:25)

Pierre tells Nora, “You’re crazy.”
”You’re crazy. I accept it because you’re crazy.”
”I’m going mad here.”
He points a gun at his chest.
“I’ll shoot myself.”
He shoots himself. (1:26)

Louis tells Nora, “It was suicide.” (1:32) 

Ismaël in session with Devereux. (1:36)  

By telephone Nora tells her sister Chloe, “He keeps taking stronger and stronger doses.” (1:38)

Arielle in the dining room. (1:39)

Ismaël in session with Vasset. She hands him an envelope: “Opening it is part of treatment.” (1:39)

Ismaël hands Marc a paper: “From the psychiatrist.”
Marc: “You’re totally nuts... signed by the Beth Din of Paris psychiatry.”
Ismaël: “So I’m mad?”
Marc: “Well, no, you were mad.”
Ismaël: “I’m still a mental patient.”
Marc, referring to Ismaël’s sister: “The mad one.” (1:43)

His sister Elizabeth tells Ismaël, “Apparently you were doing crazy things.” (1:44)

Nurse Mme. Seyvos tells Nora, “Your father has taken a lot of morphine... If he increases his doses now it will kill him... We’ll stop the morphine for a couple of days until he ‘kicks the habit’ a little. After that we’ll be able to start again with lighter doses.” (1:45)

Ismaël tells violinist Christian, referring to Elizabeth, “She had me committed.”
Christian: “I’ve had to put up with... all your moods...”
”You don’t lend a four million Franc viola to a madman.” (1:48)

A man asks Seyvos, “Morphine?”
She tells him, “Diprivan and Hypnovel.” (1:52)

Memorial service for Louis. (1:52)

Chloe rages at Nora. Nora tells her, “You act crazy...” (1:53)

Nora reads a letter from Louis: “Your egoism has been monstrous... I’ve loved you madly... Your sister has cut herself off... Now I feel a rage towards you... So I die with rage in my heart.” (1:55)

Elizabeth tells Monique, referring to Teddy, “He’s the biggest pusher in Roubaix!”
Abel: “We’ve all sought comfort in drugs sometimes.” (2:06)

Ismaël’s grandmother fails to recognize Monique. (2:08)

Hospital attendant Prospero tells Ismaël, referring to Arielle, “She’s had EST, electroshock therapy, under anesthetic. She had another little go at suicide. She’s at the outpatient clinic now.” (2:10)

Ismaël tells Arielle, “You can call my analyst for the details... She’ll confirm that I’m mad.” (2:18)

Ismaël tells Elias, “... it’s not easy to mourn a stranger.”
”As a boy, I couldn’t manage to speak, so I used to stammer.” (2:21)

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