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Kings Row

Ann Sheridan, Robert Cummings, Ronald Reagan, Charles Coburn, Claude Rains, Judith Anderson, Nancy Coleman, Kaaren Verne, Maria Ouspenskaya, Harry Davenport, Ernest Cossart, Ilka Gruning, Minor Watson, Betty Field
Ronald Reagan | chloroform
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Young Drake asks young Willy, “Didn’t Dr. Gordon give your old man chloroform?”
Young Parris: ”I thought they had to give chloroform for an operation.” (0:11)

Medical student Parris tells his grandmother Marie, “I’m crazy about you lady.” (0:22)

Dr. Tower tells Parris, “And in diagnosis you must never underrate the value of subconscious observation. Instinct, if you want to call it that, or, more properly, intuition.” (0:22)

His friend Drake asks Parris, “Say, are you crazy, you galoot?” (0:33)

Drake tells Parris, referring to Dr. Tower, “He’s crazy, isn’t he?”
”Well, there’s something crazy about that house.” (0:38)

Parris tells Dr. Tower, “When I was just a kid there was Willy MacIntosh’s father who died from shock during an operation without an anesthetic.”
Tower: “They’ve even a new word for it: psychiatry.”
Parris: ”I mean, for a doctor to want to cure diseases of people’s mind instead of their bodies.”
Tower: “He gets lost, goes crazy, commits suicide... Mankind’s building up the biggest psychic bellyache in history.” (0:39)

Parris and Maid Anna grieve when Marie dies. (0:50)

Drake tells Parris, “You’re worn out and nervous.” (0:53)

Drake tells Parris, referring to Cassie, “Her father killed her and committed suicide.”
Drake tells Parris, ”Quite a bit later Dr. Tower shot himself.”
Drake tells Parris, Parris grieves. (0:54)

Parris asks Drake, “What reason would he have had for killing himself?” (0:58)

Parris visits the cemetery. (0:58)

Parris tells Drake, “I do know why Dr. Tower killed Cassie and himself.”
”There were just the first indications, the early maladjustments of dementia praecox.” (1:00)

Drake tells his girlfriend Randy’s father, “I got drunk at Fritz Bachman’s last night...”
”Well, I didn’t have to go there and get drunk.”
Drake tells Randy, ”Like I was in the calaboose all night for being drunk.”
”I’ll come to if you’ll just be patient and give me a little time to get over being confused.” (1:17)

Drake reads to Randy from a letter from Parris: “I’m going to be a psychiatrist.”
Randy: “Sometimes when we’re together, and you’re in a mood, you don’t talk for hours at a time...” (1:21)

Dr. Gordon tells his daughter Louise, “I cannot permit my daughter to make an hysterical spectacle of herself.”
”If you utter one more word of the kind of nonsense I’ve heard from you, I shall commit you to an asylum.”
Louise: “I’m not crazy, and you know it.”
Gordon: “I could think nothing else when you make these insane accusations.” (1:25)

Her brother Tod asks Randy, “Did the doctor say to give him another injection this evening?” (1:27)

Drake faints when Randy confirms his fears about losing his legs. (1:28)

A professor tells Parris, “We plan to expand our department of psychiatric research here.” (1:29)

Parris pens a letter to Randy: “The injury to the mind, to what is called the psyche, this takes longer. The psychic injuries strike at his pride, his initiative... Never when I decided to become a psychiatrist did I imagine I’d be writing my first prescription for my dearest friend... The helpless invalid complex must be avoided at all cost.” (1:33)

Drake tells Randy about “That land down by the creek you‘re so crazy about.” (1:35)

Randy tells Parris, “Drake will be crazy he’ll be so glad to see you.” (1:37)

Louise: “I’m not crazy, Parris.”
“I’m not crazy, Parris.”
”You think I’m crazy, too.”
”Nearly always he’d say their hearts are too weak for chloroform... Parris, do you think I’m crazy?” (1:42)

Attorney Col. Skeffington tells Parris, “Sadistic surgeons are not unknown in medical history.”
Parris: “Well, Louise isn’t insane.”
”If I don’t help her, she’ll become insane.”
”I tell you she’ll go insane unless I relieve her obsession by letting her tell everything she knows.” (1:45)

Parris tells Randy, “I’ve been treating her.”
”Louise has had a sort of breakdown.”
”Referring to Louise: ”She could be put in an asylum.” (1:58)

Parris pens a letter: “Therefore, my judgment is that her condition warrants her being confined for treatment in an asylum for the insane.” (2:00)

Elise asks Parris, “Parris, are you sure that your treatment for Drake is the right one?”
”Suppose he was just a patient.” (2:02)

Parris tells Drake, “And you’re my patient.” (2:03)