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Konami Yoshida, Kotomi Naruse, Hiroshi Aida, Scott Bailey, Shane Callahan, Doug Cartwright
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Woman in elevator: "You immoral, indecent, shameful, retarded celebrity scumbag.” (0:01)

Sawa tells detective Akai, "I'm not in the mood today." (0:05)

Detective Kanie tells assassin Oburi, "The three of them are child-molesting teachers." (0:06)

Kid on the street: "You retard!" (0:11)

Oburi asks Yawa, "Are you mad?" (0:14)

Yawa finds her parents murdered. (0:15)

Akai tells Yawa, "This guy's one of the most perverted bastards there is." (0:25)

Akai, referring to reporters: "They find out about the chief's Lolita complex or something?" (0:29)

Akai tells Yawa, "I really take pleasure in watching other people's pain." (0:40)