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Kurt & Courtney

Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love, Nick Broomfield, El Duce, Hank Harrison, Tom Grant, Larry Flynt
heroin | Kurt Cobain | Frances Farmer | lysergic acid diethylamide | cocaine | amphetamine
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Narrator Nick: "... Kurt Cobain's body was found... The verdict was suicide... narcotics paraphernalia, syringes, burnt spoons, and small pieces of black tar."
Reporter: "... had taken his own life, shooting himself in the head. Beside him lay a suicide note."
Nick: "There have been many copycat suicides throughout the world... hard to accept that he would have killed himself." (0:00)

Nick: "By the time Kurt married Courtney Love in 1992 he'd become a serous heroin user. He said the heroin helped the stomach pains... caused by the stresses of his life. Courtney Love is quoted as saying they bonded pharmaceutically over drugs..." (0:18)

Courtney Love's father Hank: "Well I don't think he killed himself..."
(referring to Courtney's poem: "... a reference to LSD, by the way... you start to see a kind of almost deranged thinking process underlying a lot of this obsession... almost the compulsion to succeed no matter what." (0:22)

Nick, referring to Courtney: "She then... got into the glamour of drugs."
Talk show host tells Courtney: "There is the drug use, the heroin scene."
"I've read you didn't want to do the heroin scenes." (0:26)

Courtney's friend Rozz: "You'll... be Frances Farmer..." (0:33)

Kurt and Courtney's friend Amy: "... we had the same joint connection... use our apartment to fix." (0:34)

Amy: "... we came up here to do big lines of coke." (0:37)

Nick: "Kurt had climbed over the wall of the Exodus rehab clinic... The month previously Kurt had overdosed and possibly attempted suicide..." (0:40)

Detective Tom: "I think even the word suicide entered Kurt's life a whole lot more... She was constantly saying things to him like, 'Oh, what're you gonna do, go kill yourself, you gonna commit suicide?"
"If he ends up committing suicide..."
Nick: "The police... predetermined the case as suicide... That the suicide note was in fact a farewell note." (0:41)

Nick, referring to Hank: "I asked him to explain... in light of the... suicide attempt."
Hank: "But even if he did try to kill himself, it was a fake suicide... to get attention." (0:45)

Nick, referring to Kurt and Courtney's friend Dylan: "We were told he was living with a dealer... it was crazy for him to have bought the gun if he thought Kurt was suicidal..."
Nick:"He didn't say anything about being depressed or being suicidal... "
Dylan: "... any sort of sense that he wanted to kill himself..."
Nick: "... you think he was now suicidal..."
Dylan: "I don't think he was... planning to kill himself..."
"If he had been, like, totally suicidal... why did he... go through treatment?"
"... pressure on him to go through treatment. His wife telling him he needs to go through treatment... have to get off drugs. So he goes and he tries to get off drugs... no reason for him to get off drugs... not robbing grocery stores to supply his habit."
Nick: "How was Courtney telling him to get off drugs when she was on them anyway?"
Dylan: "One time Kurt called me up to get him some speed... Courtney asking me to get her dope..."
Nick: "... if Courtney... thought he was suicidal...?" (0:46)

Rock musician El Duce: "Intoxicated."
Nick: "But she didn't say anything about making it look like suicide."
El Duce: "Make it look like suicide."
Nick: "... it wouldn't look like suicide."
"El Duce had passed a polygraph test..."
Kurt's aunt Mary, referring to Kurt's song "It was called seaside suicide... he had possibly tried suicide before."
Nick: "Seaside suicide?"
Mary: "His suicide note... was written to his... imaginary friend..." (0:57)

Nick: "Tom Grant told me that two fans... had committed suicide... that day... believes if he can prove Kurt was murdered there will be fewer suicides."
Tom: "... a man that had 1.25 mg of heroin in his system when the body was found..."
Nick: "... an indication that he could be suicidal too?"
Tom: "... to say, 'Well he had a high tolerance level...'"
Nick: "He also had a gigantic habit, didn't he?"
Tom: "You'd have to believe that Kurt Cobain was the biggest heroin user..."
"just a typical heroin user."
Nick:"... said that he was suicidal... extremely depressed..."
Tom: "Let's just assume... Cobain was suicidal... This man was suicidal... Just because a person's suicidal... and just because a person may be suicidal..."
Nick: "Tom Grant's assertion that 1.25 mg of heroin... 30 seconds to one minute for the heroin to circulate..." (1:04)

Hank: "Tough love rules. She couldn't smoke in the house... couldn't do heroin... bring her weird heroin buddies... tough love..."

"It's still tough love."
"You can take all the LSD..." (1:11)

Family nanny's friend Chelsea: "It was... based on drugs... Courtney was infatuated with the idea of Syd and Nancy... checked into hotels as Syd and Nancy... going to be Syd and Nancy... a week before Kurt committed suicide..."
Nick, referring to the nanny: "She has become very depressed..."
"Why do you think he killed himself?"
Nanny: "Not sure that he killed himself." (1:15)

Nick: "... article... mentioned Courtney's heroin use while pregnant." (1:21)

Nick: "Kurt, sounding psychotic and crazed, joined in..." (1:24)

Nick: "Unfortunately Al started having a panic attack..." (1:30)

Nick: "Mary ... has devoted herself to teaching in schools about drugs and addiction."
Mary tells her students, "Losing Kurt was one of the hardest things I've been through... still cry, still hurt... " (1:31)