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The Lady and the Duke

Lucy Russell, Jean-Claude Dreyfus, Francois Marthouret, Leonard Cobiant, Alain Libolt, Caroline Morin, Helena Dubeil, Daniel Tarrare, Charlotte Very, Marie Riviere
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Duke of Orléans tells Grace Elliot, “Laclos has an outstanding mind and deep insights.” (0:08)

Grace tells the coachman, referring to Marquis de Champcenetz, “He’s drunk. He’s still in his cups.”
Coachman: “The sot can lean on me.”
Grace: “I’ll wait till he’s sobered up.” (0:33)

Duke of Biron tells Grace, “I shall convincingly refute the allegations of this madman.” (1:10)

Biron tells Grace, referring to Orléans, “He’ll feign illness and stay home.”
Grace tells Biron, referring to Orléans, ”They’ve nicknamed him the Mute Deputy.” (1:13)

Grace tells Orléans, “You are mourning the king’s death like me I presume.”
Orléans: ”I’m mourning my father-in-law, the Duke of Penthievre.”
”Wear black... but say you are mourning a relative...” (1:32)