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Lady Bird

Saoirse Ronan, Laurie Metcalf, Tracy Letts, Lucas Hedges, Timothée Chalamet, Beanie Feldstein, Stephen Henderson, Lois Smith, Laura Marano, Daniel Zovatto, Jordan Rodrigues, John Karna, Odeya Rush, Jake McDorman, Kathryn Newton, Andy Buckley
Ronald Reagan
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Sister Sarah Joan tells her class, referring to Kierkegaard’s love story, “It will make you swoon.” (0:04)

Her store clerk brother Miguel tells student Lady Bird, referring to Jim Morrison, “He was in a rock band, moron.” (0:15)

A girl tells Lady Bird and their classmate Danny, referring to priest Father Leviatch, “I heard that before he became a priest he was married and had a son named Etienne, who died at 17 of a drug overdose, which maybe was a suicide.” (0:16)

Lady Bird’s psychiatric nurse mother Marion tells her, “My mother was an abusive alcoholic.” (0:22)

Lady Bird tells Marion, “You were being passive-aggressive.” (0:26)

Danny tells Marion, “... Lady Bird always says that she lives on the wrong side of the tracks, but I always thought that was like a metaphor.” (0:28)

Poster of Ronald Reagan on the wall of Danny’s grandma’s house. (0:29)

Miguel’s girlfriend Shelly tells Lady Bird, referring to Marion, “She took me in after my parents freaked out about, whatever, premarital sex.” (0:32)

Jenna tells the other girls, referring to her aunt’s death, “She kinda did it to herself.” (0:38)

Danny tells Lady Bird, “Your mom is crazy.”
”She’s not crazy.” (0:44)

Lady Bird asks Marion, “Is Dad depressed?”
Marion: ”Dad’s been struggling with depression for years.”
Lady Bird: ”He’s depressed about money.” (0:50)

Julie tells Lady Bird, “Jenna’s a moron, you know.”
”She’s a moron in a deeper sense.” (0:52)

Marion asks Lady Bird, “You think I like working double shifts at the psych hospital?” (0:54)

By telephone Jenna tells Lady Bird, “We got out early ‘cause all the Irish girls got totally sloshed by noon.” (0:55)

Jenna tells Lady Bird, “That lady in the other house was totally freaked out.” (0:56)

Lady Bird tells her boyfriend Kyle, “Sorry, I was confused

Kyle asks Lady Bird, “Why are you getting so moody?” (1:00)

Lady Bird tells Marion, “You’re giving me an eating disorder.”
Marion: “I wish I could get an eating disorder.” (1:07)

Emergency room nurse, referring to Lady Bird, “She’s drunk.” (1:24)