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Lady for a Day

CastWarren William, May Robson, Guy Kibbee, Glenda Farrell, Ned Sparks, Walter Connolly, Jean Parker, Nat Pendleton, Barry Norton, Hobart Bosworth
Year released1933
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Apple seller Annie feints when she reads a letter from her daughter informing her that she plans to visit her. (0:19)

Annie, drunk, greets gang boss Dave the Dude with slurred speech.
Dude's thug Shakespeare: "Every time she gets crocked she starts pulling that society stuff."
"What're you trying to do, kill yourself?" (0:23)

Dude's Butler tells henchman Happy McGuire, "I promise not to be depressed Sir."
Happy reads to Dude, "The whole thing sounds insane..." (0:29)

Nightclub owner and singer Missouri Martin tells Happy, "If I could make you laugh I'd go out and get drunk." (0:33)

Pool hustler "Judge" Henry tells Dude, "It may surprise you to know that in my own senile way I've found the solution." (0:58)

Happy tells Judge and Dude, "I'm going over to the insane asylum and hob nob with a few sensible people." (0:59)

Dude tells the crowd, "Happy here thinks I'm nuts." (1:07)

A newspaper executive tells a reporter, "You were out on a drunk."
Reporter: "Drunk?" (1:34)

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