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Lady in the Lake

Robert Montgomery, Audrey Totter, Lloyd Nolan, Tom Tully, Leon Ames, Jayne Meadows, Dick Simmons, Morris Ankrum, Kathleen Lockhart
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Private detective Marlowe: “And if you think that buys a lot of fancy groceries, you’re crazy.” (0:01)

Lt. DeGarmot tells a policeman, referring to Marlowe, “He got drunk in his car and passed out.” (0:19)

DeGarmot tells Marlowe, “And the second time you get picked up on a drunk driving rap down here you get a long long time to cool off.”
”... and my client slugged me... then went somewhere to call the police and report a drunk driver.” (0:21)

Publishing executive tells Marlowe, referring to her boss’s wife’s supposed lover Lavery, “You must be crazy.” (0:24)

Adrienne tells Marlowe, “You’d be crazy to fall in love with me, Marlowe.” (0:31)

Adrienne’s boss Derry tells Marlowe, “Don’t be an idiot.” (0:44)

A reporter tells a woman by telephone, “You’re crazy.” (1:00)

Reporter Dugan tells Marlowe by telephone, referring to Mildred Haveland, “She was mixed up in a suicide about a year and a half ago.”
”Verdict: suicide.” (1:03)

Marlowe tells the Graysons, referring to DeGarmot and the couple’s dead daughter Florence, “He thinks she committed suicide, doesn’t he, that cop that was here?’ (1:05)

Marlowe, referring to DeGarmot: “Said he was a citizen who wanted to report a drunk driver.” (1:08)

Adrienne tells Marlowe, referring to the doorman, “I told him you were drunk and had fallen down.”
Marlowe, referring to Florence: “Female who committed suicide a year and a half ago.” (1:17)

Marlowe tells Adrienne, “They’ll discover in Bay City about now that that drunk they found in my car last night isn’t me, and DeGarmot will go crazy.” (1:24)

His ex-lover Mildred tells DeGarmot, “Oh, you must be out of your mind.”
DeGarmot tells Marlowe, “My drunk drive frame didn’t stick, but this one will.” (1:37)