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The Lady from Shanghai

Rita Hayworth, Orson Welles, Everett Sloane, Glenn Anders, Ted de Corsia, Erskine Sanford, Gus Schilling, Carl Frank, Louis Merrill, Harry Shannon
Everett Sloane | Rita Hayworth
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Criminal defense attorney Arthur asks seaman Mike, “Do you drink habitually?” (0:08)

Arthur: “It’s nice of you Michael to be so nice to me when I’m so drunk.” (0:11)

MIke tells yacht cook Bessie, “I must be insane, or else all these people are lunatics.” (0:20)

Mike tells the others, “My shark had torn himself from the hook, and the scent... drove the rest of them mad... And you know there wasn't one of them sharks in the whole crazy pack that survived.” (0:31)

Arthur's law firm partner George: “I’m perfectly sober Michael.” (0:35)

Mike tells Arthur’s wife Elsa, referring to George, “He talked about suicide.”
Elsa: “Would you kill yourself if you had to?”
Mike: ”Mr. Grisby wants me to kill Mr. Grisby. I’m sure he’s out of his mind.”
Elsa: ”He’s not sane.” (0:36)

Seahand Goldie asks Mike, referring to detective Sidney, “What’s the Spanish for drunken bum?” (0:38)

George asks Mike, “Me commit suicide?... Suicide is against the law.” (0:43)

Elsa tells Mike, “Go with him to Sausalito and do whatever crazy nonsense he asked you to do.” (0:47)

A bystander, referring to Mike, “Is he drunk?” Another bystander: “He’s soused.” (0:54)

Mike: “I wasn’t out of my head entirely... Either me or the rest of the whole world is absolutely insane.” (0:56)

Arthur tells Elsa, “And then there’s this crazy confession.” (0:58)

Michael takes an overdose of Arthur’s sedatives. (1:12)

Signs: "CRAZY," "CRAZY HOUSE" (1:20, 1:26)

Mike: “Well I came to in the crazy house. And for awhile there I thought it was me that was crazy. After what I’d been through, anything crazy at all seemed natural. But now I was sane on one subject... Poor howlin’ idiot...” (1:20) 

Elsa tells Mike, “George was supposed to take care of Arthur, but he lost his silly head and shot Broome... He was mad.” (1:22)

Mike, referring to the others: “Like the sharks, mad with their own blood.” (1:25)