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Lady Sings the Blues

CastDiana Ross, Billy Dee Williams, Richard Pryor, James T. Callahan, Paul Hampton, Sid Melton, Virginia Capers, Yvonne Fair, Scatman Crothers, Robert L. Gordy
Year released1972
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Correctional officers place jazz singer Billie Holiday in a padded cell, then in a straight jacket. (0:03)

Madame, referring to a John: "He must have been good and drunk."
Prostitute: ”Yeah, drunk or blind.” (0:06)

Would be client Big Ben asks Billy, "No, bitch, you crazy?" (0:25)

Piano Man tells Billie, "Don't worry about it."
”Don't worry about it.” (0:31)

Band pianist Harry tells Billy, "They give you a shot of morphine. Now, morphine ain't an aspirin. It's dope. Do you think that makes you an addict? One goddamn little shot ain't going to make you a junkie, but you know, it keeps you flying." (0:56)

Louis sees track marks on Billie’s arm.
Billy tells Louis, ”Sure, I've taken a few shots, but only when I needed it, and I'm not hooked, Louis.
Louis: ”Only when you needed it. What do you think hooked is?”
Billy: ”Okay, I promise you I won't take any more stuff.”
”I promise you I won't take any more stuff.”
Harry: ”Hey, crazy Maurice and weird Lucille want us to go out there with them.” (1:06)

Harry asks Billie, "You think I'm crazy enough to carry in the city?"
”You know, can't fight it when you're hooked, and you are hooked. You're an A number 1 mainliner.” (1:21)

Billie shows signs of opioid withdrawal. When Louis takes her heroin and works, she threatens him with a razor. He gives it back, and she uses it. Later, Louis finds her nodding. (1:27)

Drug dealer Hawk brings Billie some heroin, and she puts a hit tourniquet on her arm. Piano Man interrupts her: “Girl, come on, you don't need this gutter-pusher's shit, I'm telling you.”
”He cuts his shit. You don't know what he cuts it with. He don't care what he cuts it with.”
”I don't get high on beer, baby.”
”You going to kick it.”
Billie: ”My mama didn't make it.”
Piano Man shares her grief. (1:35)

A man approaches Billie: "I'm Detective Hennen, New York City Police Department, Narcotics Division."
Doctor: ”She's on gradual withdrawal. If she stops cold, the shock to her system could kill her.” (1:45)

The doctor and Louis find Billie in the padded cell. The doctor injects her arm. (1:45)

Bandleader Reg tells club owner Jerry, "Or nervousness." (1:50)

Piano man tells Billie, "Don't worry about it."
Billy: ”I'm really depressed.” (2:03)

Drug paraphernalia
Piano Man tells Billie, ”I got my own high, too.”
Both appear intoxicated. (2:05)

Louis tells Billie, "PIano Man is dead." (2:15)

Headline: "Singer Re-Arrested on Drug Charges" (2:22

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