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Last Flag Flying

Steve Carell, Bryan Cranston, Laurence Fishburne, Cicely Tyson, Yul Vázquez, J. Quinton Johnson, Richard Robichaux, Jeff Monahan
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Bar owner Sal Nealon tells patron O’Toole, "You look like you just had a lobotomy."
”What you see is them always catching drug users and Johns...” (0:00)

Sal tells his old comrade in arms Larry “Doc” Shepherd, referring to their comrade, now preacher, Richard Mueller, "Most likely a speed freak, too." (0:10)

Sal asks Doc, referring to Doc's wife Mary, "She's retarded?"
”I lost Mary in January from, uh, breast cancer.” (0:12)

Sal tells Richard,"I mustered out with a plate in my head on 100% disability."
Doc, referring to his son Larry, ”... two days ago they came and told me that he'd been killed.” (0:15)

Richard: "... To soften the sadness in this time of bereavement." (0:18)

Flag covered caskets
Grieving woman: ”He told me not to worry.” (0:28)

Doc tells Sal, referring to Doc's son, "High school girls were crazy about him." (0:40)

Sal tells Richard, "A certain platoon buddy getting shot, writhing around on the ground dying, with nothing to give him to ease his pain, ‘cause we had already taken all the morphine." (0:43)

Soldiers carry coffins. (1:01)

Train conductor John Redman tells Doc, "Don’t worry." (1:04)

Richard tells Sal, "It might be that you're an alcoholic."
Sal: ”Hey, at least we are not drug addicts.”
Doc: ”All drugs are.”
Richard: ”Morphine is addictive.” (1:14)

Richard: "So we ended up at Disneyland to resuscitate Doc, who is metaphorically drowning."
Sal: ”Geez, I got your metaphoricals right here.” (1:16)

Richard, referring to Sal: "See, this is what we call a man with a drinking problem." (1:22)

Sal tells Richard, "You worry too much... You worry too much." (1:27)

Richard tells Doc, referring to Sal, "’Cause he's drunk."
Richard tells Sal, ”You got drunk.” (1:29)

Richard: "I was a down-and-out recovering alcoholic..." (1:32)

Funeral home (1:48)

Burial of Larry next to his mother’s grave in a cemetery (1:50)

Wake for Larry (1:53)