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Last Love (2013)

Michael Caine, Clémence Poésy , Justin Kirk, Jane Alexander, Michelle Goddet, Anne Alvaro, Gillian Anderson
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Matthew resists leaving his dead wife Joan. (0:01)

Matthew attempts to swallow a bottle full of pills, but spits them out when housekeeper Madame Dune interrupts him. (0:03)

Matthew visits Joan’s grave in a cemetery. (0:07)

Dance teacher Pauline tells Matthew, referring to her father, “He’s dead.” (0:31)

His friend Colette tells Matthew, “My cousin’s husband died...” (0:42)

Matthew washes down handfuls of pills. He does not respond to Madame Dune knocking at the door. (0:44)

Matthew, in a hospital bed tells Pauline, “I botched an attempt to self-medicate.”
”It means I took too many sleeping pills, or too few.”He tells his son Miles, “You shouldn’t have come all this way just because I failed at suicide.” (0:45)

Pauline: “Your father tried to kill himself, Miles.” (0:50)

His daughter Karen tells Matthew, “An overdose is not my favorite excuse for coming to Paris...” (0:50)

A nurse asks Karen, “Are you insane?” (0:51)

Miles lays flowers on Joan’s grave. (0:53)

Matthew tells Pauline, “I mean the kids would make a mistake or hurt themselves, I’d go crazy.” (0:59)

Miles tells Karen, “You freak me out.” (1:01)

Karen asks by telephone, “Has your IQ dropped dramatically since I left?” (1:03)

Karen tells Miles, “I have to stop my own dysfunctional family from killing each other.”
Referring to his wife Susan, ”’Cause she told me you idiot.”
”Oh, you’re hysterical.” (1:04)

Miles tells Matthew, referring to Joan, “I want you to stop acting like you’re the only one who lost her.” (1:12)

Matthew tells Pauline, “There are few things more depressing than empty coat hangers.” (1:18)

Remembering Joan, Matthew cries. (1:23)

Pauline: “I miss you Matthew.” (1:48)

How did triangulation lead to dysfunction in Matthew's family? How did Pauline's "inteventions" affect those triangles? Did she unknowingly create functional triangles, or did her involvement in dyads lead to improved functioning? Would treatment have affected the ultimate outcome?