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The Last Metro

Catherine Deneuve, Gérard Depardieu, Jean Poiret, Heinz Bennent, Andréa Ferréol, Maurice Risch, Paulette Dubost, Jean-Louis Richard, Sabine Haudepin, René Dupré
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Theater director Lucas summarizes the plot of Gaslight to his actress wife Marion. (0:30)

Lucas tells Marion, referring to Yonnel, “He should escape, run away to the end of the world, far away from these maniacs. They’re crazy, you understand? They’re all crazy... All crazy.”
Costume designer Arlette tells Marion, “You really have crazy ideas sometimes Marion.” (0:31)

Lucas tells Marion, “I’ll go crazy!... To keep myself from losing my mind, I do crossword puzzles.”
Marion: ”Are you crazy?” (0:48)

Marion’s character Helena tells Bernard’s character Carl, “Lapses of memory, not lies. Lapses of memory, not lies.” (0:56)

Radio reporter: “Everybody here is in a panic.” (1:07)

Marion tells Lucas, “When you were running the theater you had a right to be moody...” (1:14)

Marion tells director Jean-Loup and Rene, “This place is depressing.” (1:19)

Dr. Sanders tells Helena, “You have a very short memory.”
Helena: “Strangers always make me nervous.” (1:27)

Helena swoons. She tells tutor Carl, “Lapses of memory, not lies.” (1:29)

Marion asks Lucas, “Are you crazy?” (1:35)

Marion calls Bernard “You irresponsible maniac.” (1:41)

Lucas tells Marion, “I’d be crazy to hate you.”
Marion: “You are a little crazy.” (1:43)

Jean-Loup tells critic Daxiat, “If I was in a good mood I’d say I need to consult my lawyer.” (1:45)

German Lt. Bergen tells Marion, referring to Dr. Deitrich, “He shot himself last night in his hotel room.” (1:49)

Carl asks Dr. Sanders, “You mean she had amnesia?” (1:54)

Helena swoons. (1:55)