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The Last Mimzy

Chris O'Neill, Rhiannon Leigh Wryn, Joely Richardson, Timothy Hutton, Rainn Wilson, Kathryn Hahn, Michael Clarke Duncan, Marc Musso, Patrick Gilmore, Megan McKinnon, Calum Worthy, Julianna Rose
Bruce Joel Rubin
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Young Noah tells his friend Harry, “I'm freaked out.” (0:01)

Noah’s lawyer father David asks him, “Oh, you're in a bad mood, aren't you?” (0:04)

Noah asks his sister Emma, “Are you crazy?” (0:14)

Noah’s science teacher Larry describes to his fiancee Naomi his dream of a “spinning mandala shape coming down at me.” (0:15)

Noah experiences hyperacusis. (0:18)

David tells Noah, referring to golf, “This is an obsession.” (0:26)

His science teacher Larry tells Noah, referring to Noah’s drawings, “They're actually called mandalas.” (0:31)

FBI agent Nate says into his telephone, “Oh man, it’s been a crazy morning.” (0:40)

Naomi tells Noah’s mother Jo, “It’s called a mandala.” (0:45)

A scientist tells the others, “This is crazy.” (1:09)

Naomi tells Larry, “I love you, but you drive me crazy.” (1:17)