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The Last Seduction

Linda Fiorentino, Peter Berg, Bill Pullman, Bill Nunn, J.T. Walsh, Herb Mitchell, Brien Varady, Dean Norris, Donna Wilson
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Resident physician Clay opens a briefcase filled with bottles as he tells the drug dealers, “As ordered, pharmaceutical cocaine.” (0:03)

Telemarketing supervisor Bridget, Clay’s wife, tells lawyer Frank, “Husband and wife do a one-time drug deal.”
Frank: “Well I’m sorry if the law doesn’t make it more convenient for you to steal and deal drugs Bridget.” (0:20)

Clay sells a prescription for stimulants. (0:40)

Mike tells Bridget, “You’re crazy.”
”You’re deranged.” (0:56)

Detective Harlan tells Bridget, “The Freudian mind-... isn’t going to work either.” (1:01)

Clay tells Bridget, “... I am perfectly willing to spend all of the money in hiring a clinical sociopath to take it from you.”
”And I’m still interviewing sociopaths.” (1:08)

Bridget tells Mike, “Pop psychology.” (1:32)

Clay tells Mike, “You know kid you don’t look like a dopehead.”
”I just write prescriptions... I got no stash.”
Mike: “I’m not interested in your drugs.”
Clay: “You’re schizoid.” (1:34)

Bridget tells Mike, referring to Trish, “You married a man...” (1:41)

How would you diagnose Bridget? Was Trish a transvestite?