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Last Vegas

Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, Michael Douglas, Kevin Kline, Mary Steenburgen, Jerry Ferrara, Roger Bart, Weronika Rosati, Romany Malco, Jena Sims, Autumn Dial, Bre Blair
dimenhydrinate | Dramamine
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Paddy, referring to Danny, “Billy, you moron, he’ll kick your ass.”
Danny: “That’s right, moron.” (0:02)

By telephone Billy tells business associate Carl, “I’m not crazy.” (0:06)

Billy eulogizes his mentor Ronnie at the memorial service.” (0:08)

Voice on Archie’s television: “Are you insane?” (0:10)

Sam asks Archie, “Are you nuts?” (0:20)

Lounge singer Diana tells the four friends, “Clearly I need someone to look out for me, seeing as how I’m associating with an alcoholic, an adulterer and a schmuck.”
”To the first bachelor party I’ve ever attended that could be covered by Medicare...” (0:28)

Paddy tells Diana, referring to his friends, “Look at them, the moron brigade.” (0:30)

Sam hits on female impersonator Maurice. (0:35)

Diana tells Billy, “If you’re gonna get hitched in Vegas this is pretty much the least depressing place you can do it.” (0:36)

Sam drinks with Maurice and a group of female impersonators. (0:38)

Paddy: “... and Archie, you’re on some sort of self-destructive bender, cleaning out your pension fund...” (0:49)

Archie: “I feel like I’m getting drunk and electrocuted at the same time.” (0:53)

A woman asks Sam, “Do you guys have drugs?”
”It’s freaking me out.” (0:54)

Sam: “I haven’t been this hungover in thirty years.”(0:59)

Female impersonators (1:04, 1:12)

Diana asks Billy, “Scared of heights?”
”Yes, the princess is scared of heights.” (1:07)

Billy tells Diana, referring to Paddy’s deceased wife Sophie, “She was confused.” (1:09)

Sam shows pictures of his grandchildren to Artie and Paddy: “The one with the bottle there, she has a drinking problem.” (1:10)

Sam tells his date, “It’s crazy, but whenever something spectacular happens to me, first thing I want to do is tell my wife about it...” (1:20)

Paddy tells Billy, referring to his life without Sophie, “It’s very depressing.” (1:22)

Paddy tells Billy’s fiance, “Hey Lisa, my name’s Patrick Connors, although that imbecile in the pool there started calling me Paddy when we were kids, and it stuck.” (1:28)

Lisa’s friend Taylor: “This is gonna be one sloppy drunken weekend.” (1:29)

Sam tells his wife Miriam, “... and no Viagra... or Dramamine.” (1:40)