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Late Night

Emma Thompson, Mindy Kaling, John Lithgow, Paul Walter Hauser, Reid Scott, Amy Ryan
alprazolam | Xanax
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Talk show host Katherine Newbury tells writer Gabe Eichler, "It’s like giving a raise to a drug addict. A drug addict makes certain decisions outside of work for their sense of self and comfort and then the addiction demands more time, more energy, more money, just like a child."
Eichler: ”My child’s like a drug problem?” (0:04)

Writer Eugene Mancuso tells writer Tom’s brother Hayes, "Suicide." (0:06)

Chemical plant worker Molly Patel tells Brad, "I’m obsessed with comedy."
Molly: ”I’m not overly worried about masculinity.” (0:08)

Katherine tells her professor husband Walter Lovell, "They’re all a bunch of idiots." (0:13)

Tom tells the other writers, "That makes me kind of nervous."
Writer Burditt: ”You’re nervous?” (0:14)

Tom tells another writer, "You know what, Reynolds, give me one of your Xanaxes."
Reynolds: ”No, I need all my Xannies now that I’m in the poorhouse.”
Mancuso, referring to Molly: ”You know, I think she’s a pathological liar.” (0:21)

Reynolds tells the others, "This documentary was insane."
Writer Charlie: ”I was worried.” (0:23)

Brad tells Katherine, referring to Mimi Mismatch, "My daughters are obsessed with her." (0:29)

Burditt tells Molly, "... transisbeautiful..." (0:30)

Katherine: "Not to worry though..." (0:31)

Molly reads her jokes to the others: "As always, the men most obsessed with women’s sex lives are the ones getting laid the least." (0:32)

Katherine tells a joke about Starbucks restrooms: "I’m worried they might get disgusting." (0:34)

Katherine tells Mimi Mismatch, "... you pretend to faint." (0:35)

Molly tells Charlie, referring to lung cancer, "My dad died from it." (0:38)

Walter tells Molly, "It’s called neuropathy, one of the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease." (0:44)

Katherine tells network head Caroline Morton, "... if you want to replace me with a meme -- a T-shirt of a man who hides his xenophobia and, by the way, his hatred of women, behind a congenial frat-boy persona, just to make yourself seem relevant, then by all means, you go ahead." (0:49)

Katherine on the air: "As always, the men most obsessed with women’s sex lives are the ones getting laid the least." (0:58)

Katherine: "Does anyone in the audience suffer from depression?... I guess depressed people aren’t really the call-and-response type. Now, schizophrenics, on the other hand, they’re all like, ‘Here, here, here.’ and that’s just one person." (1:02)

Molly asks Katherine, "Were you really depressed, or was it just part of the act?"
Katherine: ”Yes, I was depressed.” (1:03)

Tom asks Molly, "Are you out of your... mind?"
”... get your metaphors straight.” (1:07)

Tom tells Molly, referring to himself and Charlie, "We just got high every day." (1:12)

Katherine tells Molly, "Walter had just been diagnosed, and he was so depressed and angry..."
”You know, what’s so fascinating about your generation is your obsession with catharsis. It’s so narcissistic.”
Molly: ”You are selfish, and you are scared, and you have deluded yourself into thinking that is somehow the moral high ground, but it’s not.”
Katherine: ”Well you don’t have to worry about that anymore...” (1:15)

Executive Seth Myers tells Molly, "Well, I want to hire you, but if you want to say something like that again, it should definitely be to a therapist." (1:21)

By telephone, Tom tells Katherine, "It was crazy." (1:23)

Katherine, on stage: "... I am clinically depressed, and that’s saying something." (1:28)

Katherine tells Molly, "I need your pushiness and lack of boundaries." (1:34)