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A Late Quartet

Christopher Walken, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Imogen Poots, Catherine Keener, Wallace Shawn, Mark Ivanir, Liraz Charhi, Madhur Jaffrey, Anne Sofie von Otter
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Neurologist Dr. Nadir tells cellist Peter, “Well, based on the examination that we just ran, and the complaints you've described to me, it’s my opinion that you are experiencing the early symptoms of Parkinson’s.” (0:11)

Violinist Daniel asks violin student Alexandra, referring to Beethoven, “You know his father used to wake him up... to play for his drunken cronies?” (0:14)

Peter tells the others in the quartet, “This difficulty I've been having, Parkinson’s, she says.”
Violist Juliet: “Parkinson's?”
Peter: ”My brain is running out of something, dopamine.”
”... there is medication. It replaces this dopamine.”
Juliet: ”What if the drugs work?”
Peter: “If this drug works...” (0:18)

Alexandra tells her father, violinist Robert, referring to her mother Juliet, “It’s like she’s the one with the Parkinson’s.” (0:22)

Daniel asks Juliette, “Any news about the medication?” (0:24)

Exercise class leader: “I’m gonna begin by talking about some general principles that involve Parkinson’s... We need to move big so that we take control of Parkinson’s...” (0:28)

Alexandra tells Daniel, referring to Robert, “He could teach you to be a little less anal.” (0:30)

Peter, during an interview: “I’m thinking, is this guy nuts?” (0:33)

Alexandra tells Daniel, “First they have you, and you're hypnotizing the audience with your relentless precision.” (0:50)

Alexandra tells Daniel, “You’re obsessed.” (0:57)

Robert tells Daniel, “You know, practicing obsessively doesn’t make your playing perfect." (1:03)

Peter leaves a message for Robert and Juliet, “The medication is working.” (1:16)

Peter talks to Juliet about his deceased wife Miriam.“
The drugs I’m taking are not going to work for all that much longer. In time they'll make me anxious. I'll begin to imagine things..." (1:22)

Daniel tells Alexandra, “This is crazy. Alex, you understand, it’s insane.” (1:27)

Peter remenisces about Miriam. Looking at the street below from the rooftoop he appears to contemplate suicide. (1:30)

Peter tells Miriam, “I miss you.” (1:38)