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L'Auberge Espagnole (The Spanish Apartment)

Romain Duris, Judith Godrche, Kelly Reilly
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Neurologist Jean-Michel explains the brain to student Xavier using food to build an anatomical model. "You have the cerebral cortex... with the memory situated in the hippocampus inside the temporal lobe. I summarize, because memory... and this region, which manages language... For example, the effects of amnesia on a bilingual person."
"An unconscious trauma may allow him to retain his mother tongue, but the second language -- gone! (0:19)

Jean-Michel's wife Ann-Sophie faints while looking at the view of Barcelona from the top of a tall building. Acrophobia? Later, on a tram (1:03), she seems to have no symptoms. (0:36)

Student Wendy asks her apartment mates, "Why do you always have to smoke joints in my room?" (0:39)

Alessandro tells his apartment mates, "I was gonna do them, but you're a maniac." (0:41)

Xavier and student Isabelle share a joint. (0:46)

Ann-Sophie asks Xavier, "Do you find me repressed?" 1:00

Xavier sees and even talks with a vision of Erasmus. Hallucination? (1:30)

Xavier tells Jean-Michel, "I can't sleep. I'm depressed."
"Does that cause visions?"
"I see Erasmus." (1:32)

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