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Le Week-End

Jim Broadbent, Lindsay Duncan, Jeff Goldblum, Olly Alexander, Judith Davis, Xavier De Guillebon, Brice Beaugier, Marie-France Alvarez, Charlotte Léo, Denis Sebbah, Sébastien Siroux
marijuana | Nick Drake | Charles Baudelaire
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Professor Nick tells his teacher wife Meg he imagines them “Sitting in silence all the way back to Moseley before killing ourselves in a suicide pact.” (0:07)

Nick tells Meg, “I’m a phobic object for you.” (0:15)

Meg tells Nick, as they enter Montparnasse cemetery, “Baudelaire, Soutine, Sartre, Beckett.”
”Don’t panic.”
Nick: “Where’s Sartre?”
Meg: ”You can explain Wittgenstein to the illiterate.”
Meg: ”Masochism?” (0:22)

Nick tells Meg, “You also mentioned early onset Alzheimer’s...” (0:24)

Nick tells Meg, referring to the keys, “I get anxious if I don’t know where they are.” (0:26)

Nick tells Meg, “I love it when you’re in this mood. Do you think you’re bipolar?”
Meg: ”Tripolar, possibly.” (0:27)

Meg tells Nick, “Idiot. You’re a... idiot sometimes.”
Nick: “That’s mad.” (0:28)

Nick listens to Pink Moon by Nick Drake. (0:39)

Nick tells Meg, “Drugs... Assisted death.” (0:42)

Meg tells Nick, “The other day, I’ll have you know, a young man, not entirely retarded...”
”You really are becoming more self-obsessed.” (0:43)

Meg tells Nick she bought the shoes ”For me, you idiot.”
Nick: “It’s a discipline, the only advantage of masochism.” (0:45)

Meg asks Nick, “Are you having a nervous breakdown?”
”You’re an idiot.”
”I was out of my mind with worry.”
NIck: “Call me paranoid.”
Meg: “You won’t even get through this evening without having a nervous breakdown.” (0:50)

His writer friend Morgan tells NIck, “You know I’m not a, I’m not a total idiot, But, Nick, I was so depressed... and I was seeing every psychiatrist on the Upper West Side... It was totally insane...”
Nick: “I don’t share your delusion
Morgan: “What do you mean, delusion? How am I deluded?” (0:56)

Morgan’s son Michael smokes a joint while he listens to Nick Drake's "Pink Moon." (1:04)

"Road" by Nick Drake. (1:05)

Michael tells NIck, referring to Morgan, “He really freaks out if we’re ever stuck in the same room together.”
Michael, referring to his mother: ”She tried to, you know, kill herself.”
”She like threw herself out of a window.” (1:06)

Nick and Michael share a joint. Michael gives Nick a pack of joints. (1:08)

Eve tells the diners, referring to Morgan, “He’s moody.”
”Idiocy. Idiocy.”
Morgan, referring to NIck, ”I... stalked him at meetings...”
NIck: “... a factory... set up to produce only idiocy... My older son is a pothead... I’m near shitting myself with fear and anxiety every moment of the day.” (1:12)

Meg tells Nick, “You... idiot.” They share a joint. (1:20)

NIck tells Meg, “My abiding memory.” (1:21)

"Pink Moon" (1:29)