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Leaving Las Vegas

Nicolas Cage, Elisabeth Shue, Shashi Bhatia, Kim Adams
cocaine | ethyl alcohol | John O'Brien | tobacco-phencyclidine
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Screenwriter Ben fillls his shopping cart with bottles of liquor. (0:01)

Ben, drunk, drinks more. (0:02)

Ben guzzles vodka while driving, at a strip club, drives again. (0:06)

Ben shaking. (0:10)

Prostitute Sheila prepares to snort cocaine with a straw. (0:16)

Ben destroys his belongings. (0:21)

Prostitute Sera talks to a person whom we do not see and never speaks. Psychotherapy session? (0:25, 0:40, 0:50, 1:46)

Ben drinks and drives. (0:22)

Sera asks Ben, "Isn't it illegal to drink and drive?"
She tells him, "You're pretty drunk." (0:27)

Sera asks Ben, "Are you too drunk to...?"
Ben: "I came here to drink myself to death."
Sera: "So how long's it going to take to drink yourself to death?" (0:31)

Sera in another session talks about her pimp Yuri: "He's kinda paranoid." (0:36)

Ben drunk. (0:41)

Yuri seems to hear voices talking about him through the wall of his room. (0:44)

Sera asks Ben, "So why are you a drunk?"
Ben: "Why am I a drunk?"
Sera: "Why are you killing yourself."
"Are you saying that drinking is a way to kill yourself?"
Ben: "Or killing myself is a way to drink." (0:46)

Sera tells Ben, "Look, you're pretty drunk." (0:49)

Ben: "Sera, you are crazy."
"Don't you think you'll get a little bored living with a drunk?" (0:52)

Ben, alone: "Yes, I'm nuts about you." (0:54)

Ben tells Sera, "We both know I'm a drunk..." (0:57)

Sera gives Ben a flask. Enabling? (1:00)

Ben rages, then shakes. He asks Sera, "How'd our evening go... After that everything's a blank."
Sera: "I told them you were an alcoholic..."
Ben: "What are you, some kind of angel visiting me from one of my drunk fantasies?" (1:03)

Ben shakes. (1:23)