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Alain Delon, Monica Vitti, Francisco Rabal, Lilla Brignone, Louis Seigner, Rossana Rory, Mirella Ricciardi
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A moment of silence follows the solemn announcement at the Rome stock exchange that colleague Mr. Domenico has died. (0:23)

Translator Vittoria tells her neighbor Anita, I’m so tired and depressed, disgusted and confused.” (0:28)

Their friend Marta tells Vittoria and Anita, “My husband goes crazy if he’s not here when he gets home.” (0:36)

Stock trader, referring to Vittoria’s mother, “She’s crazy.” (0:57)

Vittoria tells stock trader Piero, referring to her mother, “I never understood this obsession.” (1:10)

A drunk passes Piero on the street then greets Vittoria. Piero tells Vittoria, referring to the thief of his car, “It was the drunk that just went by.” (1:22)

Vittoria asks Piero, “The drunk we saw?” (1:25)

Antonioni triology: L'Avventura | La Notte | L'Eclisse
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