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Charlotte Gainsbourg, Clothilde Baudon, Julie Glenn, Bernadette Lafont, Jean-Claude Brialy, Jean-Philippe Ecoffey, Raoul Billerey, Richard Guerry, Simon de La Brosse
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Charlotte asks Léone, “See what that idiot wrote?”
”Poor woman’s nuts.” (0:09)

Lulu asks Charlotte, “You crazy?” (0:13)

Charlotte tells Léone, referring to prodigy pianist Clara, “She told someone, ‘I wouldn’t play for that idiot even if he could outrace a paraplegic.’”
Léone: ”Takes sophistication to put up with a nut like you.” (0:48)

Charlotte asks metalworker Jena, “Does it make sense, or do I sound like a nut or a liar?” (0:59)

Lulu tells Charlotte, “Run around like crazies.”
Lulu, referring to Charlotte: “She’s obsessed!”
Léone tells Charlotte, “I believe Clara promised you nothing, and it’s all in your crazy little head.”
Charlotte tells Léone, “If Clara doesn’t take me, I’ll kill myself!” (1:05)