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Lemon Sky

Kevin Bacon, Kyra Sedgwick, Tom Atkins, Lindsay Crouse,Casey Affleck, Welker White
paint | ether | Mellaril | thioridazine
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Aeronautical worker Douglas tells his college student son Alan, “Well, you don’t have to go on binges.” (0:06)

Douglas tells Alan, referring to foster daughter Carol, “She was on pills...” (0:09)

Alan, referring to his parents: “And then he would rage at her for not believing him and for spying behind his back.” (0:25)

Douglas' foster daughter Carol tells Alan, “And I used to take downs, but pills are wrong of course so I promised him that I wouldn't take them anymore."
"And I can't come down with pills, so I claw my hands apart..."
Ronnie: “But if I see one pill, one of your tranquilizers...” (0:28)

Penny asks Carol about the pills she swallows: “What are they, dope?”
Carol: "Dope."
"You know the paint that little boys spray on little model airplanes?"
"It smells like ether."
"Well, that's dope. Dope. They're a very innocent sounding p-i-l-l called Mellaril, one of the seven wonder drugs.” (0:41)

Carol tells Alan, “That’s insane.” (0:49)

Alan: “They’re great, but they're nuts... They’re nuts.” (0:58)

Douglas asks his wife Ronnie, referring to Alan, “Hadn’t he got a libido?” (1:05)

Ronnie finishes Alan’s sentence, “... and came home drunk as a lord.” (1:16)

Douglas accuses Alan of being gay. He says Penny's friend Phil "can't spend all his time with the sailors at the queer bars downtown." (1:25)

Ronnie tells Douglas, “Penny’s in there hysterical.” (1:29)

Carol and Ronnie try to stop Penny from taking Carol’s drug. Carol tells Ronnie, “They’re Mellaril, Mellaril. Dope.” She swallows pills. (1:29)