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Emmanuelle Béart, François Cluzet, Nathalie Cardone, André Wilms, Marc Lavoine, Mario David, Dora Doll,Christine Minazzoli
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Hotelier Paul tells himself in the mirror, “I’ve had trouble sleeping lately.”
”I’ll give you a sleeping pill.” (0:07)

Doctor Arnoux tells Paul and his wife Nelly, “Better watch those sleeping pills.”
”Here’s the prescription.” (0:10)

Is Paul stalking his own wife out of jealousy? (0:26)

Nelly: ”You’re following me Paul.”
Paul imagines her with another man. (0:31)

Paul confronts Nelly. (0:40)

Paul asks Nelly, “Are you crazy calling that jerk?” (0:46)

Paul works himself into a jealous frenzy. (0:53)

Nelly tells Paul, “I told them you were drunk...” (0:55)

Paul tells Nelly, “Sometimes I’d like to jump out the window.”
”It’s all in my head.” (0:56)

Nelly calls Paul “You idiot.” (1:01)

Clerk Clothilde tells Paul, “It’s been crazy.” (1:06)

Paul tells a guest, “The idiots forgot to close the windows.” (1:10)

Nelly tells Paul, “You’ve gone crazy.” (1:12)

Paul tells guest Duhamel, “If I shoot myself it’ll be on your conscience.” (1:18)

Nelly tells Paul, “You’ve lost your mind.” (1:18)

Dr. Arnoux tells Paul, “Stop, or I’ll have you put away!”
Paul: ”She’s sick, and they want to lock me up... Committing me would be a serious offense... She’s a pathological liar.”
”But I set my internal clock to wake up.”
“She’s mentally ill. She’s hysterical.”
Nelly: ”He’s insane. He’s really insane.”
Paul: ”It proves she’s nuts.”
Arnoux: ”She needs a psychiatrist... Hysteria.” (1:21)

Nelly tells Paul, “Give me a couple of sedatives.” (1:26)

Paul tricks Nelly into taking an overdose. He tells her, “I’m not crazy darling. I’m not a monster or crazy.” (1:29)

Paul imagines Nelly telling the doctor by telephone, “He’s crazy.” (1:33)