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Les Girls

Gene Kelly, Mitzi Gaynor, Kay Kendall, Taina Elg, Jacques Bergerac, Leslie Phillips, Henry Daniell, Patrick Macnee, Philip Tonge
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Lawyer Sir Percy asks dancer Sybil about "when you wrote of plaintiff that she attempted suicide." (0:03)

Sybil tells the court, "She did attempt suicide." (0:05)

Sybil discovers Angèle has attempted to kill herself with gas.
Sybil tells the court, "She said she wanted to die." (0:44)

Pierre tells Angèle, "I'm not worried that you might consider suicide..." (0:47)

Angèle finds Sybil intoxicated. (0:50)

Barry tells Angèle, referring to Sybil, "Because she's a lush."
"She watches me for a chance to sneak out for a snort." (0:55)

Angèle: "Barry gave up drinking." (0:59)

Angèle discovers Sybil has tried to kill herself, having "decided life was not worth living." (1:15)

The judge asks Barry, "Do you mean to tell this court that both of these ladies attempted suicide?"
Barry: "Neither of them attempted suicide." (1:51)