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Lethal Weapon

CastMel Gibson, Danny Glover, Gary Busey, Mitch Ryan, Tom Atkins, Darlene Love, Traci Wolfe, Jackie Swanson, Damon Hines, Ebonie Smith
Year released1987
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Prostitute Amanda Hunsaker insufflates lines of cocaine then jumps to her death from a high balcony.. (0:02)

Another policeman tells police Sergeant Martin Riggs, "The guy’s a nut..."
Male voice: ”What are you, crazy?”
Detective: “You’re one psycho son-of-a-bitch...” (0:12)

Police dispatcher: "... we have a drunk, a white female... drunk, nude..." (0:14)

By telephone, police Sergeant Roger Murtaugh tells his wife, referring to Michael Hunsaker, "His daughter just dove out the window." (0:16)

Riggs tastes white powder. He tells the drug dealers, “Let me say I take the whole stash off your hands for free...”
Dealer: ”You sure are a crazy son-of-a-bitch.”
Riggs: ”You think I’m crazy?”
”You callin’ me crazy? You want to see crazy?” (0:16)

Riggs points the muzzle of his pistol at his head, but does not pull the trigger. (0:22)

Psychiatrist Dr. Stephanie Woods tells police Captain Ed Murphy, referring to Riggs, "... his wife of eleven years was recently killed in a car accident."
”I’m telling you he may be psychotic.”
Murphy: ”That’s a bunch of psych bullshit.”
Woods: ”The man is suicidal.”
Murphy: ”You’re sure of that diagnosis?”
”If he offs himself, then we’ll know I was wrong.” (0:24)

Another detective tells Murtaugh, "They’re not calling it a suicide."
”The coroner found evidence she used barbiturates.”
”... someone doctored the pills. Every capsule is loaded with drain cleaner.”
”Some cat, he’s on loan from dope, real burnout...” (0:26)

Riggs tells Murtaugh, "Everybody thinks I’m suicidal... or they think I’m faking to draw psycho pension..." (0:28)

Mendez asks General Peter McAllister, referring to Mr. Joshua, "Where the hell’d you get him, psychos-are-us?"
”You guys’re... crazy, man.”
McAllister: ”The bulk of the heroin will be here Friday night.” (0:30)

Murtaugh tells Riggs, "You’re supposed to be suicidal."
Riggs: ”Anybody who drives in this town is suicidal.”
Dispatcher: ”Police psychologist on the way.” (0:34)

Murtaugh asks a uniformed cop, "Where’s the psychologist?" (0:35)

Riggs tells a possible jumper, "I can’t stand heights."
Jumper: ”You’re crazy.”
”I’d be killing a psycho nut cop.”
Riggs: ”Yeah, a psycho, but I’m still a cop” (0:37)

Jumper, referring to Riggs: "He’s out of his mind. He’s crazy." (0:39)

Murtaugh asks Riggs, "You want to kill yourself?"
Riggs holds the muzzle of Murtaugh’s revolver against his head.
Murtaugh: ”You’re not trying to draw a psycho pension. You really are crazy.” (0:40)

By telephone, Murtaugh tells Woods, "So you’re saying I should worry."
Woods: ”Yeah, I think you should worry.” (0:41)

Riggs tells Murtaugh, "Hey, don’t worry." (0:42)

Murtaugh tells Riggs, "Don’t worry." (0:43)

Murtaugh and Riggs see two women handling white powder. (0:46)

Riggs tells Murtaugh, "Don’t you worry." (0:48)

His wife Trish tells Murtaugh, "Don’t worry about the fish." (0:50)

Murtaugh tells Riggs, "Look, a sugar daddy is dealin’ drugs..."
Referring to his daughter Rianne: ”She smoked pot in the house.”
Rianne: ”Why can I have a beer, and I can’t smoke a joint? It’s not coke, you know?”
Murtaugh: “... beer is legal, grass ain’t...” (0:53)

Riggs tells Murtaugh, "... your daughter smokes grass in the house, and it’s illegal." (0:55)

Riggs tells Murtaugh, "Amanda swallows a couple of downers, and she’s dead."
Murtaugh: ”Except Amanda jumps out the window.” (1:01)

Memorial service for Amanda (1:11)

Amanda’s father Michael Hunsaker shows Murtaugh a prescription bottle.
Hunsaker tells Murtaugh, ”When Charlie brought in heroin to finance the VC government...”
Murtaugh tells Hunsaker’s lifeless body, ”Heroin...” (1:11)

Riggs tells a streetwalker, "Don’t worry..." (1:16)

Murtaugh asks Riggs, "Are you really crazy, or are you as good as you say you are?" (1:22)

Riggs asks Mr. Joshua, "Why don’t you guys just call it heroin?"
Joshua: ”It would be unfortunate, however, if we showed up to deliver our heroin and were surrounded by... cops.” (1:31)

Riggs tells Murdaugh, "Anorexic." (1:36)

Joshua: "Crazy son of a bitch." (1:45)

Riggs leaves flowers at the grave of his wife. (1:51)

Murdaugh tells Riggs, "... if you think I’m gonna eat the world’s lousiest Christmas turkey by myself, you’re crazy."
Riggs: ”I’m not crazy.” (1:53)

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