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The Life of David Gale

Kevin Spacey, Kate Winslet, Laura Linney, Gabriel Mann,Rhona Mitra, Leon Rippy, Matt Craven, Jim Beaver, Elizabeth Gast, Cleo King, Constance Jones, Brandy Little, Cindy Waite, Jesse De Luna, Vernon Grote
Jacques Lacan | ethyl alcohol | caffeine | Elisabeth Kübler-Ross | thiopental | Prozac | fluoxetine
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Correctional community relations officer Duke tells journalist intern Zach, “Drives ‘em crazy.” (0:15)

Philosophy professor David tells his students, “You get Lacan’s point... So, desire supports crazy fantasies... So the lesson of Lacan is, living by your wants will never make you happy.” (0:20)

Activist Constance tells David, “And if you have a hangover tomorrow...” (0:24)

David on a talk show: “Governor that’s just a flawed, insane, crazy system.” (0:37)

Constance tells David, “Just tell me when my ego’s getting in the way of the work. I’m telling you, your ego’s getting in the way of the work.” (0:38)

David tells journalist Bitsey, “Then she drops the charges and leaves town, making it look like I was guilty, and she was too traumatized to face a trial.” (0:39)

Tour guide Nico tells Bitsey and Zack, referring to David, “He was like constantly wasted.” (0:43)

Bitsey tells David, “Maybe you’re being paranoid.” (0:46)

A university president tells David, “Hell, it’s not even your alcohol problem. It’d be nice to have faculty member whose crutch wasn’t Prozac.” (0:52)

David, drunk, talks to strangers in the street. (0:52)

David’s attorney Braxton tells him, “Without a successful completion of an alcohol treatment program you can forget visitation.” (0:55)

Alcoholics Anonymous meeting: “Hi, my name’s David, and I’m an alcoholic.” (0:56)

David tells Constance, “Oh, you’re crazy. Not just your medium-range ‘thinks she’s Roosevelt’s bathrobe,’ but I mean stark-raving, screws-loose, in-the-belfry insane.” (0:58)

David announces to the DeathWatch staff, “Caffeine jolt.”
National DeathWatch director Sinclair tells Constance by telephone, “... and these guys don’t stay on the wagon for very long.” (0:59)

David tells Constance, “I fell off the wagon, and I hurt myself.” (1:02)

The emergency room physician tells David, referring to Constance, “Mr. Gale, a leukemia patient’s condition is highly susceptible to external stress.” (1:04)

Bitsey asks Zack, “What if Constance’s murder was just a means of getting at Gale, not only to get rid of him, but to make abolitionists look crazy?” (1:13)

Zack tells Bitsey, referring to the man following them, “Oh, he must think we’re idiots.” (1:14)

David tells Bitsey, “Alcohol is a mitigating factor in capital cases.” (1:19)

Constance tells the DeathWatch staff, “Look at those losers: Rednecks, ghetto hustlers, drug addicts, schizophrenics.” (1:21)

Constance asks David, “You know those stages of Kubler-Ross?”
David: “Anger, denial, bargaining...”
Constance: “Depression.”
David: “Depression, acceptance.”
Constance: “Denial.”
David: “Well, denial’s good.” (1:22)

David tells Bitsey, “But there comes a point in life, a moment, when your mind outlives its desires, its obsessions...” (1:30)

Bitsey tells Nico and Zack, referring to Constance's death, “She did it herself.”
Zack: “Why not hang yourself or take pills?” (1:41)

Bitsey tells Zack, “Dusty’s a bullhorner, a zealot who’s O.D.’d on too many good causes... [referring to David] It’s force him to dry out...” (1:45)

Duke tells the audience, “After completion of last words, the injection is administered. Sodium thiopental for sedation purposes... puts you to sleep... pancuronium bromide to collapse the diaphragm and lungs...” (1:47)

Bitsey watches a home video of Constance killing herself by suffocation. (1:51)

Bitsey runs through a graveyard. (1:56)

Bitsey, overcome with grief hears that David has been executed. (1:57)

Television reporter: “The footage appears to show Constance Harraway committing suicide.” (1:58)

Dusty watches a performance of the opera Turandot as slave girl Liù grabs a dagger from a guard’s belt and plunges it into her own belly. (2:02)