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Life During Wartime

Shirley Henderson, Ciarán Hinds, Allison Janney, Michael Lerner, Chris Marquette, Rich Pecci, Charlotte Rampling, Dylan Riley Snyder, Paul Reubens, Michael K. Williams, Renée Taylor, Emma Hinz, Gaby Hoffmann, Ally Sheedy
William Burroughs | bupropion | Wellbutrin | clonazepam | Klonopin | cocaine | crack cocaine | hydrocodone-acetaminophen | Percocet | marijuana
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Sequel to Happiness

Joy tells her husband Allen, she feels “Just a little... déjà vu.”
Allen: ”No more cocaine.”
“No more crack.”
”No more crack cocaine.”
The waitress calls Allen “pervert.” (0:01)

Harvey tells Trish, referring to his son Mark, “You know, he’s a little troubled, just feels a little paranoid...” (0:07)

Her mother Mona tells Joy, referring to Allen, “He’s a perv through and through. Born a perv. He’ll die a perv.” (0:19)

Joy imagines her coworker Andy, who killed himself, appears to her. He calls her “Idiot! Why did I kill myself?” then disappears. (0:24)

Joy’s sister Trish’s son Timmy tells Trish, “Avi Fleischer told me he found him on the Internet and that he was sent to jail for raping young boys, and now everyone at school is saying that my dad’s alive and that he’s a pedophile.”
Timmy’s younger sister Chloe tells Trish, “I ran out of my Klonopin.”
Trish: “Just take half a Wellbutrin. They’re on the bottom right, next to the Percocet.” (0:28)

Timmy tells Trish, “Avi Fleischer said that pedophiles are terrorists...”
Trish: “Your father may have been a pedophile...” (0:33)

William BurroughsNaked Lunch lies on a table. (0:38)

Jacqueline asks Timmy’s father Bill, “What are you, a shrink?” (0:42)

Trish tells Joy, referring to Harvey, Bush and McCain, “He knows these people are complete idiots otherwise...” (0:47)

Her sister Helen tells Joy, “It’s... idiotic.” (0:53)

Andy appears to Joy. He tells her, “It’s just I’m off my medication...” (0:57)

Joy leaves a voice message for Allen, referring to his problem: “It’s probably psychological or genetic.”
Pan to Allen’s body on the floor beside a pistol and a pool of blood.
”Oh, Allen, I just hope you haven’t been too depressed or anything.” (1:01)

Trish tells her lover Harvey, referring to Chloe, “It’s the Klonopin. She’s on a new dosage.”
Harvey’s son Mark tells Trish, “But I have no illusions that what I do is of any interest to anyone else...” (1:05)

Woman: “See, like my dad had this drinking problem, which is, like, totally genetic. His father died at, like, 43 or something from alcohol poisoning... he’d go out, get plastered, come home, punch out my mom, like it was all her fault.”
Trish’s oldest son Billy: “My father died.”
Man: “Was it suicide?”
Sarah: “You weren’t molested by your stepdad.”
Woman: “Sorry, Sarah, but child molestation has been, like, so done.” (1:10)

Images of Cannabis leaves on Billy’s shirt dorm room wall.
Poster for I'm Not There on another wall. (1:13)

Bill tells Billy, “I take medication.” (1:19)

Timmy asks Harvey, “Do you think a pedophile is a terrorist?”
”If you ever met a pedophile, what would you do?” (1:24)

Andy appears to Joy.
Allen appears to Joy. He tells her, “Do what I did. Put a bullet through your temple. Gun in mouth is also okay.”
Joy: “I really think I’d prefer taking pills.”
Allen: “Then remember to mix them with alcohol and to tie a plastic bag around your head afterwards.” (1:25)

Timmy tells Mark, “I mean, even if your dad is a pedophile he should be allowed to get married.”
Mark: “He’s not a pedophile.”
Timmy, referring to Bill: “... he wasn’t a pedophile either... I’m sorry I freaked out before.” (1:30)