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Life on a String

Huang Lei, Xu Qing, Zhongyuan Liu
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A noodle cook displays inappropriate affect. (0:09, 1:31)

A man tells blind banjo-player Shitou, referring to the saint, "The old man is a lunatic." (0:13)

Girl: "The blind men are here." (0:14)

Lanxiu tells Shitou, "My grandmother was smiling when she died." (0:37)

Shitou: "Master, worrying makes you sick." (0:42)

Lanxiou appears to let herself fall. (1:20)

The pharmacist asks the master, "What is this prescription for?" (1:22)

Title on gravestone: "TOMB OF THE GRANDMASTER" (1:24)

Sitou mourns the death of the saint. (1:40)