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Life Stinks

Mel Brooks, Lesley Ann Warren, Jeffrey Tambor, Stuart Pankin, Howard Morris, Rudy De Luca, Teddy Wilson, Michael Ensign, Matthew Faison, Billy Barty
Vincent van Gogh | cocaine | chlorpromazine | Thorazine | heroin
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His attorney Pritchard tells business moghul Goddard Bolt, "This is insane. This is crazy." (0:09)

Bolt tells homeless Sailor, "I hate to be compulsive, but you have a little bit of corn right on your cheek." (0:28)

A preacher exhorts the crowd: "... no drugs..." (0:32)

Homeless Molly tells Bolt, "It's called a nervous breakdown... I was hysterical..."
"I've been in this nervous breakdown for about eight years."
"Crazy? There's nothing wrong with crazy. Crazy's good. Crazy keeps 'em away." (0:34)

Victor and Yo appear to prepare packets of cocaine or heroin.
Bolt: "I'm addressing the two degenerates who call themselves Victor and Yo... You... use the spoils of your activities to buy and sell illegal narcotics." (0:38)

Bolt mourns the death of Sailor. (0:50)

Bolt tries to dump Sailor's ashes in water going to the sea. (0:52)

Molly tells Bolt, "I like depressed. Depressed stays with you for a while."
Bolt: "Okay, here's to depressed."
Molly: "What are you trying to do, get me drunk?" (0:55)

Molly tells Bolt, "This is crazy." (1:00)

Pritchard tells Bolt, "I'm afraid you've been declared non compos mentis."
Bolt's business competitor Crasswell: "You see, when you lost your mind, you lost everything."
Bolt: "My van Gogh!"
"Van Gogh! My van Gogh." (1:03)

Bolt tells a cop, "It was a temporary loss of sanity."(1:08)

Homeless J. Paul Getty, referring to Bolt: "That man is crazy." (1:09)

Bolt restrained in a wheelchair
A doctor orders a nurse, referring to Bolt, "Give this man 500 milligrams of Thorazine immediately."
The nurse injects Bolt's arm.
Dr. Kahan tells another nurse, "This man is delirious. Give him 500 milligrams of Thorazine."
Nurse, referring to another patient, "Dr. Kahan, this man has the D.T.s"
Kahan: "... just in case, give him 500 milligrams of Thorazine."
Kahan tells another nurse, referring to bolt, "... then give him 500 milligrams of Thorazine."
The nurse injects him. (1:09)

Pritchard tells J. Paul Getty, "Turn around, you idiot."
Getty: "Turn around, you idiot."
Pritchard: "Are you crazy?"
Getty: "Are you crazy?" (1:21)

Bolt tells Crasswell, "Maybe this'll jar your memory."
Crasswell: "Yes, my memory is dark." (1:25)

Television reporter, referring to Bolt: "He plans to build... a new free medical and counseling clinic..."(1:26)

Getty, referring to Bolt: "He's crazy."
"That guy's crazy." (1:28)