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Life's a Breeze

Kelly Thornton, Fionnula Flanagan, Pat Shortt, Eva Birthistle
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Nan tells the family, “I didn't know you idiots were going to come along and throw it out.” (0:17)

Des: “Idiot.”
Nan’s son Colm: “Don’t call me an idiot.”
”Me wife’s on disability.” (0:38)

Colm tells Nan, “You know what it looks like on a subconscious level.” (0:38)

Television headline: “Mattress Mania.” (0:41)

Nan tells Colm, “You’re the... idiot who threw all my stuff out.”
Woman on radio: ”I mean the lunacy... on the word of some mad old one...” (0:52)

Colm tells the others, “Mom’s had another senile turn.”
”Look, it’s one thing leading everyone up the garden path with this mattress thing... but now she’s turned into a crazy old woman.” (1:00)

Nan’s granddaughter Emma asks Nan, “Why did you marry him if he was such a drunk?”
Nan: “He wasn't a drunk when I married him.” (1:02)

Nan asks Emma, “I’m senile, is that it?”
Nan: ”I’m not in the mood for babysitting you.” (1:06)

Nan visits her husband’s grave in a cemetery. (1:07)

Colm, into his phone: “Look, I’m not in the mood for windups.” (1:14)