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Lila & Eve

Viola Davis, Jennifer Lopez, Shea Whigham, Andre Royo, Chris Chalk, Julius Tennon, Aml Ameen
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Lila recites the Serenity Prayer. (0:00)

Support group meeting. (0:04)

Group member: “When that child is murdered, we feel guilt, depression... So get a sponsor."

Lila, referring to her son: "I hear ya'll, but Stephon is dead..." (0:05)

Lila tells Eve, "You know, they said to get a sponsor..." (0:08)

Support group. Lila: "I can't eat. I can't sleep."
Serenity Prayer (0:12)

Eve tells Lila, "Here I am, reporting for sponsor duty." (0:14)

Eve tells Lila, "And they've got another dealer out there..." (0:18)

Eve tells Lila, "Look, I know you're freaked out right now..." (0:22)

A group member asks Lila, "Now did you find a sponsor?" (0:32)

Meeting (0:41)

Detective Holliston asks Det. Skaketti, "Kid have any drugs on him?" (0:42)

Memorial service.
Lila: "I'm from a grief support group for mothers..." (0:45)

Alonzo: "Don't be obsessing over that shit." (0:51)

Holliston tells Skaketti, "Taking the phone and leaving the drugs." (1:00)

Lila tells Nita, referring to Nita's sons Leo and Teo, "They were dealers the news said." (1:01)

Eve tells Lila, "It's the world that's lost it's mind." (1:12)

Ben tells Lila, "We've met everyone but your sponsor." (1:14)

Hollister tells Lila, "Room full of grieving mothers." (1:23)