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Lila: Mantis in Lace

Susan Stewart, Steve Vincent, M.K. Evans, Vic Lance, Stuart Lancaster
lysergic acid diethylamide | marijuana | methamphetamine | Methedrine
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Club patron Tiger shows exotic dancer Lila a tablet and tells her it is “Acid, baby, the stuff dreams are made of.”
Lila: “LSD?”
Tiger: “Mixed with Methedrine.”
Lila: “You’re too impulsive.” (0:09)

Lila tells Tiger, “Oh God, I hate bananas.”
Tiger: “You must be dingy even when you’re straight.”
Lila experiences psychedelic sensory disturbances.
Tiger: “The acid, it’s working.” (0:19)

Police Lt. Ryan tells Sgt. Collins his list includes “psychedelic shops.”
“This guy could be a junky, a maniac, anything.”
Tom: “I guess we ought to check the asylums, too.” (0:28)

Frank tells Lila, “I’m a psychologist, a lay analyst to be exact.” (0:33)

Lila tells Frank she has, “Acid, baby, the stuff dreams are made of. Do you know what acid is?”
Frank: “Of course I know what acid is. It’s LSD.”
Lila: “Want to take a trip with me?”
”What are you, a peeping Tom?”
”Tell me about acid.”
”But you haven’t tripped out.”
”And I hate bananas...” (0:36)

Frank tells Lila, “And LSD is your alter ego?” (0:41)

Lila’s psychedelic experiences start again. (0:43)

Ryan tells Collins, “He was a registered psychologist.”
Collins: “I guess he tried to treat one psycho too many, huh.” (0:47)

Collins tells Dr. Silverberg by telephone, “We’re trying to determine whether any of the clinic’s patients are prone to homicidal rages... that’s confidential...” (0:48)

Collins tells Ryan, “Well Ackerman assisted Silverberg in running the Wilshire Sanitarium, but he didn’t have anything to do with most of the patients... doing field research on the psychedelic generation...” (0:48)

Sign: “... LSD REVUE” (0:59)

Collins tells the club owner, “His name is Ackerman. He’s a psychologist.”
Owner: “A lot of nuts come in here that look like that. You know half of them need a psychiatrist.” (1:00)

Exotic dancer Cathy tells exotic dancer Angel, “Hey, speaking of turning on.”

Angel: “Got some grass?”
Cathy: “Yeah, I got a roach.”
Angel lights the roach, takes a toke and shares it with Cathy.
Cathy: “It tastes like Acapulco gold, but it’s Topanga green.”
Angel, referring to Lila: “I think she’s had a bummer.” (1:04)

A patron asks Lila, “What kind of a nutty game are you playing?”
Lila: “You’re drunk.” (1:07)

Opening a pill box Lila asks a liquor store owner, “Do you ever trip out?”
Man: ”Trip out?”
Lila: “Acid.”
Man: “Isn’t that a dangerous drug?”
Lila: “I’ll get you higher than all the booze in the store.” (1:19)

Collins tells Ryan, “He might panic.” (1:23)

Lila begins to experience psychedelic disturbances. (1:24)

Collins tells Ryan, referring to Lila, “Looks like she’s on a bad trip.” (1:26)