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CastWarren Beatty, Jean Seberg, Peter Fonda, Kim Hunter, Gene Hackman, Jessica Walter, Olympia Dukakis
Year released1964
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Would-be occupational therapist Vincent and OT supervisor Miss Brice wander among psychiatric patients in the hospital. She tells him, “Somehow insanity seems a lot less sinister in a man than it does in a woman.”
A patient asks Vincent, “Are you a new patient?” (0:05)

Vincent tells his grandmother there’s “Nothing to be ashamed about working in the insane asylum.” (0:14)

OT Bob tells patient Stephen, “Some of the patients complained, I believe.” (0:20)

Lilith tells Vincent, “Because I’m mad.” (0:33)

Vincent tells Brice “It was like trying to get her to admit she’s insane. She makes you forget she’s a patient.” (0:34)

Psychiatrist Dr. Lavrier lectures staff: “Schizophrenia, however, is far from being an exclusive affliction of the superior mind. As a matter of fact, but using a substance from the blood of humans, schizophrenia has been induced in dogs, spiders, as well as men... But the mad ones spin out fantastic, asymmetrical, and rather nightmarish designs.“ (0:37)

Lilith tells Vincent, “I think the patients trust you.” (0:45)

Lavrier tells Vincent, ”It isn’t unknown you know for patients to seduce personnel, and vice versa, unfortunately.”
Vincent: “Rapture?”
Lavrier: “In Shakespeare’s time it meant madness as the words ‘ecstasy’ and innocence’ often did. I think all of us here are concerned with rapture in some way, and when a man devotes himself to studying the nature of rapture, he may find himself dispossessed by it. Does she ever talk to you about her delusions?”
”She had a brother who was killed accidentally in a fall.” (0:45)

Group psychotherapy. Patients laugh inappropriately. (0:54)

A patient tells Vincent, “I should find it a most depressing kind of work.” (1:12)

Vincent’s old girlfriend Laura’s husband Norman tells him,“Laura tells me you’re over the asylum.”
”Yeah, I’m training to be something they call an occupational therapist.”
”An occupational therapist?” (1:25)

Vincent tells Laura, referring to Lilith, “That’s one of the patients.” (1:29)

Lilith tells Vincent, referring to herself, “She wants to leave the mark of her desire on every living creature in the world.” Nymphomania? (1:34)

Patient Stephen asks Vincent, “Do you think insanity could be so simple a thing as unhappiness?” (1:42)

Brice tells Vincent, referring to Stephen. “He got a kitchen knife from someone, held it against his chest and then fell full-length onto the floor.” (1:44)

Vincent tells Lilith, referring to Stephen, “He killed himself.”
Lilith: “I didn’t kill my brother. He jumped. He jumped because he didn’t dare to love me.” (1:45)

Does Lilith display any real evidence of schizophrenia? How did Vincent's bereavement from his mother and his combat exposure affect his behavior, especially with respect to boundaries?

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