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Charles Chaplin, Claire Bloom, Nigel Bruce, Buster Keaton, Sydney Chaplin, Norman Lloyd, Andre Eglevsky, Melissa Hayden, Marjorie Bennett, Wheeler Dryden, Barry Bernardi
Sigmund Freud
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Dancer Terry lies motionless on her bed grasping an empty pill bottle, her oven door open. Drunken clown Mr. Calvero tries to put the key in the lock, smells gas, breaks down her door, and carries her out. A doctor tells Calvero, “She needs an emetic first.”
“Besides sending her to a hospital would start an inquiry, and attempted suicide means jail... Now if you’ll be at my dispensary in 10 minutes I’ll have a prescription for you.” (0:02)

Calvero tells landlady Mrs. Alsop, referring to Terry, “The girl tried to kill herself.” (0:11)

Calvero asks his imaginary performing flea, “Phyllis, have you gone mad?... Crazy little creature.” (0:19)

Calvero tells Terry, “There’s a new drug they’ve discovered performing miracles, curing thousands.” (0:24)

Calvero tells the worm to “fling high the dirt in ecstasy.” (0:30)

Terry tells Calvero, referring to her legs, “I have no feeling in them. They’re paralyzed.” Conversion disorder?(0:34)

The doctor tells Calvero, “The toxic condition’s cleared up , but I can find nothing wrong with her legs... I believe it’s a case of psych-anesthesia.”
”A form of hysteria that has the characteristics of paralysis without being so.”
”I’d say it’s psychological, self imposed. Having failed at suicide, she’s decided to become a cripple.”
”It’s a case for a psychologist.”
Calvero: “Dr. Freud?” (0:41)

Calvero tells Terry, “It doesn’t take a Mr. Freud to know... you don’t want to dance.”
Terry: ”I’d despise myself if I thought that.”
Terry, referring to musician Neville, ”There was something pathetic about him... and I’d stand listening... melancholy.”
Calvero: ”Pure hysteria. It’s in your mind.” (0:43)

Calvero asks Terry, ”Do you realize I haven’t taken a drink since I’ve known you?” (0:50)

Calvero tells Terry, “Trouble is I was sober. I should have been drunk before going on.”
Terry repeats, ”I’m walking!” (0:58)

Terry finds Calvero drunk. Mrs. Alsop enters, also drunk. Calveros tells Terry, “I’m drunk.”
”A man’s true character comes out when he’s drunk.” (1:03)

Terry tells Calvero, “If you hadn’t a phobia about coming to the theater you might have known it.” (1:08)

Director Bodalink tells the company, “As the clowns perform she becomes delirious... tell him not to grieve...” (1:17)

Gravestone in a churchyard. (1:22)

Terry tells Calvero, “I can’t move. I’m paralyzed.”
Calvero: “Pure hysteria.” He slaps her. She dances. (1:25)

Terry tells Calvero, “If you leave me I’ll kill myself.” (1:36)

Calvero’s comedy partner tells Calvero, If anybody else says it’s like old times I’ll jump out the window.”

Empresario Postant tells Calvero, “... only in those days you were drunk instead of sober.”
Calvero: ”I’m supposed to be funnier when I’m drunk.” (1:48)