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Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro, Abbie Cornish, Andrew Howard, Anna Friel, Johnny Whitworth, Tomas Arana, Robert John Burke, Darren Goldstein, T.V. Carpio
oxycodone | Percocet | NZT-48 | Eiben Chemcorp
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Writer Eddie jumps from a high balcony. (0:02)

Eddie: “What kind of guy without a drug or alcohol problem looks this way?” (0:03)

Eddie asks his ex brother in law Vernon, “Are you still dealing drugs?”
Vernon: “Do I look like I'm still dealing?” (0:07)

Eddie tells Vernon, “You are still dealing.”
Vernon: “I've been doing some consulting for a pharmaceutical company.”
“They've had clinical trials, and it's FDA approved.”
“They’ve identified these receptors in the brain that activate specific circuits. ”
Eddie: ”I'm broke, and I'm depressed off my ass. I don't think that my life’s gonna take some sudden upswing... by taking some shiny, brand-new designer drug.”
Vernon leaves Eddie a clear pill. (0:09 )

Eddie: “Clearly there was a direct link between this Eddie, slightly drunk... Or stealing his dying aunt’s Percocet.”
He swallows the pill.
“I had gotten remarkably little information from Vernon about what this drug would do.”
”What if it was a hallucinogen?”
”If I were tripping, I jump out a window.”
Eddie tells his landord’s wife Valerie, “You see a self-defeating... piece of shit... You’re wishing I’d blow my brains out.”
”Somehow my unconscious had serve that up, a memory I had never even recorded.”
”Grammatically this guy was an idiot...”
”But saner heads prevailed.”
”What was this drug?... A drug for people who wanted to be more anal retentive? I wasn't high, wasn't wired...” (0:10)

Eddie’s editor on his answering machine, referring to his writing: “It's a little grandiose, but I'm still reading.” (0:17)

Vernon tells Eddie, referring to the drug, “It doesn't have a street name yet, but the boys in the kitchen or calling it NZT-48.”
Eddie: it doesn't sound very FDA approved, Vernon.”
Vernon: “FDA approved, that's a laugh.” (0:19)

Eddie: “... some... possibly dangerous drug... ” (0:19)

Eddie finds a package of clear pills hidden in Vernon's oven. (0:23)

Police detective asks Eddie, “Buy some drugs?” (0:24 )

A woman asks Eddy, “Are you crazy?” (0:30)

Eddie: “I've been upping the dose for over a week.” (0:33)

Eddie tails Carl, “Medication. I'm on special medication.”
”It's about how mass psychology works.”
Don: “Delusions of grandeur.”
Eddie: ”I don't have delusions of grandeur...” (0:39)

Eddie: “When it finally stopped, I couldn't account for the last 18 hours of my life.” (0:46)

Eddie: “Even off NZT I decided to give Van Loon's files a shot.” (0:47)

Eddie: "I realized that there were other people who might know about NZT.” (0:51)

His ex-wife Melissa tells Eddie, referring to her brother Vernon, “NZT will do that to you.’’
”Well, when he told me about this amazing new drug I was like, down the hatch... My work rate increased just insanely overnight...”
”I stopped taking it.”
She describes withdrawal symptoms.
“You take the dose down... ” (0:55)

Loan shark Gennady asks Eddy, “Are you out of your mind?“ (0:58)

Lindy asks Eddy, “Are you on drugs?” (1:00)

Lindsey asked setting, “So all this energy of yours, all this focus, has been a drug?” (1:00)

Eddie tells Wendy, “I'm gonna get off it... I'm gonna get off it.” (1:07)

Eddie tells his new bodyguards, “This isn't The Matrix.” (1:08)

Eddie: “That's who you were talking to, Carl, delirium.” (1:09)

Eddie: “Two months after I started NZT I was brokering the biggest merger in corporate history.”
“I found that if I maintained an even dose, remembered to eat, drank no alcohol, The blackouts didn't occur.” (1:09)

Eddie tells lawyer Morris, “I don't remember.” (1:11)

Daddy, referring to Gennady: “Right away it was obvious he was on NZT.” (1:14)

Eddie: “But Atwood wouldn't get better, because Atwood was out of NZT.“
”How many other meteoric rises might be explained by NZT?” (1:17)

Eddie: “I was overdue to take my NZT...” (1:19)

Eddie: “So my foggy brain tried to remember where one tablet of NZT might be.” (1:22)

Gennady tells Eddie, “You see, you shoot it.” (1:24 )

Eddie: “Only NZT could help me, and the last of it was in this thug's blood stream.
Eddie drinks Gennady’s blood. (1:27)

Eddie tells Atwood’s thug, referring to Atwood, ”I mean at what point was the Pony Express supposed to ride in with his life saving medication?... But he did not appreciate that Morris Brandt had kept the pills for himself.” (1:31)

His campaing manager tells Eddie, “A guy from Eiben Chemcorp’s in your office.“
Eddie: “Eiben Chemcorp pharmaceuticals?” (1:32)

Eddie tells Carl, “They told me somebody from Eiben was coming.”
Carl: “I bought Eiben a couple of months ago.”
Eddie: “So Eiben makes NZT.” (1:32)

Eddie asks Carl, “You don't think some smartass on NZT might have two or three or even four labs?“ (1:35)