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Liquid Sky

Anne Carlisle, Paula E. Sheppard, Susan Doukas, Otto von Wernherr
morphine | cocaine | Quaalude | marijuana | methaqualone | opium poppy | codeine
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Jimmy puts on Margaret’s dress. (0:06)

Jimmy asks Jack, "What kind of drugs will you have?" (0:10)

Writer Paul, pouring white powder into a spoon, tells Katherine, "Liquid Sky, the key to heaven, the milk of paradise."
Drawing up liquid in a syringe: ”People have been using opiates for centuries... They didn't think it was immoral to feel euphoric... You could buy a heroin derivative in any drug store to cure your ills... Everybody wants you for you.”
Katherine: ”... I do not want heroin in my house.”
Paul: ”Cocteau wrote great literature when high on opium.”Katherine: “Cocteau was Cocteau before he ever did drugs.” (0:11)

Margaret's performer and drug dealer room mate Adrian: "Hey Margaret, you want to snort some skag?"
Margaret: ”Actually, I'd rather have cocaine.”
”Well there's some guy on the dance floor offering cocaine to all the chicks.” (0:15)

A man asks Margaret, "Want to snort some blow?" (0:16)

Margaret asked the man, "Where's the cocaine?"
Man: ”Did you ever do Quaaludes before?”
Margaret: ”I've done more Quaaludes than you have aspirin.”
Man: ”These are lemons.”
Margaret: ”Listen, if I want downs, I can shoot heroin anytime I want. Where's the cocaine?”
”... where’s the cocaine?”
”Takes more than two Quaaludes to do that, baby.”
He beats Margaret. (0:17)

Margaret smokes a bong.
Margaret tells Paul, ”You're a junkie. You can't get it up anyway.”
Handing him a packet of drug, Adrian tells Paul, ”Don't worry, it's a good count.”
Paul: ”I don't have any works.”
Adrian: ”Margaret is an uptight WASP... from Connecticut.”
Paul: ”Can I use your works?”
Paul injects his arm. (0:24)

Astrophysicist Johann Hoffman tells acting professor Owen, "In the beginning, aliens were spotted near places with large amounts of heroin... punk circles, still around heroin..."
Owen: ”They kill each other by shooting too much dope.” (0:28)

Adrian tells Margaret, "Just you and me, and then I'll buy you cocaine." (0:33)

Owen tells Margaret, "Almost everything you've done since you left me has been self-destructive." (0:35)

Jimmy's television producer mother Sylvia asks Johann, "So you’re looking for heroin and you don't want the police to know about it?"
Johann: ”Listen, this really has nothing to do with drug traffic.”
Sylvia: ”So, what connection do you think there can possibly be between UFOs and heroin?” (0:44)

Adrian tells Owen’s lifeless body, "So you're dead now... going... straight from your marijuana jungles... I'm not dancing in marijuana jungles... no romantic illusions of changing the world."
Margaret: ”You're crazy.”
”You're crazy.”
”Your mother was nuts.”
Adrian: ”Don't worry.”
”Don't worry about the body.” (0:45)

Johann tells Sylvia, "They have heroin there." (0:52)

Katherine tells Paul, "You've done drugs today."
”You just want to prove to everybody... that you take dope, you take drugs,..” (0:53)

Margaret tells Paul, "Well I don't have any dope for you."
Paul: ”I don't want any dope.”
Margaret: ”You make me sick, you wimpy junkie.” (0:58)

Sylvia tells Johan, "It just seems like everybody is involved with drugs... and now you're telling me that aliens have come here, and they're also looking for drugs."
Johann: ”Well, it seems to me strange that the alien was interested in heroin... There are special receptors, opiate receptors in the human brain. Heroin, codeine, morphine all belong to the same chemical family, derived from the poppy. They're called opiates... special receptors in the human brain to receive opiate molecules.”
Sylvia: ”Well, what are these opiate receptors doing, sitting around in the human brain? Waiting for someone to come along and give them heroin?”
”Some Physicians think there's a naturally occurring molecule in the human body that's nearly the same molecular structure as opiates.”
Sylvia: ”Do you mean to say that opium occurs naturally in the human body?”
Johann: ”Not opium... Opium users have said that the drug creates a similar feeling than what people experience during orgasm.”
”If all humans have in their brain a substantial process based on the opiate mechanism of action, why can't they exist somewhere In the universe in other forms of conscious life, which would depend on this mechanism even more? This would attract the alien to heroin.” (1:04)

Jack tells Margaret, "Don't worry about it."
A woman tells Adrian and Margaret, ”I've got some cocaine for you...” (1:08)

Jimmy asks a makeup artist, "Do you know where they have the drugs?"
Jimmy asks Jack, ”Drugs?” (1:09)

A woman asks, "Where's the cocaine?"
Woman: ”Can you fix us a few lines, darling?”
Jack: ”Here, I've got some blow, too, baby, here.”(1:10)

A man snorts lines of cocaine through a straw. (1:10)

Margaret snorts cocaine through a straw. (1:11)

A woman serves Jack a target covered with lines of cocaine.
Jimmy snorts cocaine from the target. (1:11)

Women share a bong. (1:12)

Photographer: "I'd like to watch, but I'm not sure Margaret's in the mood." (1:25)

A man tells Margaret, "Oh, I've got some coke." (1:35)

Johann tells Margaret, referring to the aliens, "Their need for sustenance a substance similar to opiates. Heroin is an opiate. So is this one came here for it. We found something better. That substance is produced in the brain during orgasm, and they're similar in chemical structure to opiates." (1:42)

Margaret cooks heroin, injects her arm and nods. (1:44)

Reference in Fifty Pills