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Little Big Man

Dustin Hoffman, Faye Dunaway, Chief Dan George, Martin Balsam, Richard Mulligan, Jeff Corey, Aimee Eccles, Carole Androsky, Kelly Jean Peters
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Reverend’s wife Louise Pendrake tells Jack Crabb (Little Big Man), "That way lies madness." (0:28)

Jack tells Wild Bill Hickok, referring to a man in the bar, "Well he's just a common drunk." (0:45)

Old Jack Crabb: "You see, younger bear had become a contrary, the most dangerous of all Cheyenne warriors, because the way they live drives them half crazy." (1:00)

Jack tells Chief Old Lodge Skins, "Well, grandfather, all the whites aren't crazy."
Old Lodge Skins, referring to black men: ”... mostly they are strange creatures, not as ugly as the white, true, but they're just as crazy.” (1:02)

Old Lodge Skins tells Jack, "Don't worry, my son." (1:03)

Old Lodge Skins tells Jack, "It worries me." (1:04)

Old Lodge Skins tells Jack the names of his Cheyenne friends killed by the white men. (1:14)

Jack, referring to the attacking soldiers: "I reckon it was so crazy they couldn't figure it out..." (1:33)

Jack: "I couldn't go back to the Indians, so I went back among the whites and become a drunk." (1:43)

Wild Bill Hickok tells Jack, "Getting gloriously drunk." (1:44)

Jack prepares to kill himself by jumping from a high cliff.
Jack: ”At that moment I really was crazy...” (1:55)

General George Armstrong Custer refers to President Ulysses Grant as, "The drunkard." (2:00)

Custer, referring to Grant: "He just sat there in the White House and laughed at me, the damn drunkard."
Addressing Jack: ”Mr. President, you are drunk.” (2:07)

Old Lodge Skins prays, referring to Little Big Man, "See that he doesn't go crazy." (2:14)