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Little Vera

Natalya Negoda, Andrei Sokolov, Yuri Nazarov, Lyudmila Zajtseva
diazepam | Relanium | ethyl alcohol
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Kolya, drunk, tells his wife Rita, referring to their daughter Vera, "We didn’t beat her enough." (0:19)

Rita asks Vera, referring to Kolya, "Why does he waste so much money on alcohol?" (0:21)

Her friend Lenka tells Vera, referring to Sergei, "I’m nuts about him." (0:23)

Vera’s brother Victor reads a warning about AIDS: "Avoid casual sexual contact and sexual contact with homosexuals... drug addicts..."
Victor asks Vera, ”Are you out of your mind?” (0:38)

Rita calls Vera "Idiot." (0:45)

Vera asks Sergei, "Are you mad?" (0:46)

Victor asks the others, "Listen, are you all mad?" (0:49)

Victor tells Rita, referring to Vera, "She should take some tranquilizers. Relanium is a good antidepressant."
Rita: ”Victor, write out the prescription.” (1:16)

Vera tells Victor, "Mom’s latest idea was to say that Sergei was drunk and fell against the knife." (1:19)

Rita tells Kolya, "Don’t worry." (1:22)

A woman asks a young man, "Were you sober on the evening of June second?"
The young man quotes another: ”Have you gone off your head?”
Vera tells a man interviewing her, ”I was in a state of shock.” (1:25)

Her friend Andrei asks Vera, "Have you gone off your head." (1:32)

Vera mixes pills with gin before taking a handful of pills and more gin. (1:36)

Kolya asks Victor, referring to Vera, "Did she poison herself?" (1:44)